The Universal Shifts of Consciousness

Some Events in My Life

Sydney, Australia these days!

Sydney, Australia these days!

Beam of Energy of invisible White Light Sun of Parallel Earth (covered by pentagons) in my room of our Centre, picture is taken by me in Feb. 2010. Pay attention on splitting of the Beam into the Light Fibers.

Beam of Energy of invisible White Light Sun of Parallel Earth (covered by pentagons) in my room of our Centre, picture is taken by me in Feb. 2010. Pay attention on the Rod on the right.

Invisible to the eye, (but not to the camera), New Consciousness is building up above Elliott Heads, Australia, 12 Jan. 2010
Invisible to the eye, (but not to the camera), New Consciousness, accompanied by pentagons, is building up above Elliott Heads rivermouth and our Monroe Centre, Queensland, Australia, 12 Jan. 2010

You are not Your Physical Body; You are Not the Physical Matter: You are Energy! And Everything what happened to You, happened for One Good Reason: to Merge Your Energy with the Energies of Others, with the Energies of Earths, with the Energies of Universes! The Mixed Energy is the Final Product of all Universal, Galactic and Planetary Games. The Culmination of this Blending Process for this Universe will be in December 2013: the Final Stage of the Universal Shift!
Lydia Monroe

Not visible Energy and a Pentagon, monitoring device over Elliott Heads rivermouth, 22 Jan 2010. Taken by digita lcamera
Not visible to the eye, Energy and a Pentagon, monitoring device over Elliott Heads rivermouth, 22 Jan 2010. It seems like a UFO behind those clouds. It's not dark at all, it's a bright morning. Taken by ordinary digital camera.

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Me and Kangaroo

My Story

"Everything is an illusion and Real is only the Creative Force, but the Creative Force is created from illusions with a lot of pain, pain, pain."
Lydia Monroe

"The human aspect can be adjusted in focus to a much more concentrated point, offering potentials of power and action too immense and unfathomable (too deep to be measured) to be considered lightly. Second, the other, nonhuman forms of the same energy system might be drawn upon if the need arises. With the above tucked away, it is possible to get to the "hands on" (direct experience) phase...
The organized (M) Field radiation of a single individual can, if broad-banded enough, could be many thousands times greater than that of the group"

Part 1

Here is an extract from Monroe's "Ultimate Journey" p. 172-174:

"... This drive I have . . . to help humankind. Where does this fit in?
We can tell you something about that, though you may not like it.
I need to know.
Service to humankind might be classified as self-serving, but in your case, because the effect spreads
so widely, this does not apply. The more we improve humankind, the more our prospects improve.
One major improvement is equal to one hundred minor ones.
You mean one tall mountain is equal to a low range of hills.
Except that the mountain reaches higher.
So this service—this improvement—is worth doing?
Most definitely.

"... What of the bonding we identify as love? Where does this energy fit in?
My friend, we have so much of this bonding built up to take us to infinity and through it. We take it with us as we go. It is the major energy base for our intellect. What you now perceive as love clarifies, not stultifies (to cause to appear ridiculous). It incorporates both pain and pleasure; it is the union of opposites to create a whole. And you found plenty of love this lifetime, once you dispensed with your illusions.
There must be a tremendous amount of experience stored here, in you . . . in us. How many lifetimes are there?
A thousand perhaps, or more. We stopped counting long ago. Every possible situation is here, every emotion. There is nothing you can encounter in an Earth life that isn't stored here . . . in fifty different ways.
Then what am I doing, going through it all over again?
To find one final piece. And you are very close. When you have it, we lift off. We shall be gone.
Gone where? How?
We don't know. You will have to tell us.
I see . . . But—are you certain you have the right one? I have an idea that there's another one being human here at this time —another one out of this I-There of ours.
That is so. That is your reserve or substitute, you might say. A backup. But you are first in line.
This other . . . is it—she—female?
She is.
Should I arrange to meet her?
Later perhaps. She would seem like a long-lost sister."

I am that "reserve, substitute, a backup". You don't have to believe it. The future will show! I prefer to stay away from this kind of Planetary Game. It's too overwhelming for me!
Like Robert Monroe, I do not spread Love and Light: in this highly unbalanced society it's pointless, but I try to spread Balance and give the example of Platonic, Unconditional Love between 2 people: R.Monroe and his wife Nancy and give also the description of Unconditional Love from Robert's point of view (from his book) on Home  Page. These things are possible though I personally didn't experienced this kind of Love.

Robert was a man and most men do swear and for those who doesn't like my language and who thinks that spiritually advanced people don't swear, there is an extract from R.Monroe "Far Journeys" p. 254 (1982), where he writes:

"Knowing this, the female with a propensity for perception has taken this manipulative advantage to broad extremes through hundreds of years of cultural evolution. Those females who succumb to the illusion of permanency have no choice but to lie back and take what is coming. Simply put, one fuck doesn't make a future. 
A baby maybe..."

And another example on p. 271- 273 in "Catapult: The Biography of Robert A.Monroe" by Bayard Stockton, written in 1989 about why Bob never talked about coming crises, though he knew about them very well:

"Bob talks quietly of the consensus (collective opinion) of reputable seers, channelers, people of insight, that grave times are ahead as the millennium wanes (passes).

Bob: "My Non-Physical Friends tell me practically every day: 'Don't you see it? It's coming. The Wave of Change is building. It's visible now, and it's going to get a lot bigger. ' "

Is Bob, at root, talking about Earth Changes, such as those channeled by Edgar Cayce, in the sense of massive geological upheaval?
Bob: "It doesn't look like it, as it's presented to me. I see empty cities. Economic collapse. (that's what started happening in the USSR in the 90's, LM). My Friends tell me, 'If you believe anything less, you're kidding yourself.' Our economy is based on the fact that if we don't buy more in 1990 than we did in 1989, the country's in trouble. We're conned into unnecessary buying. Our "democracy" allows the predators to work, because 'that's the way it always has been.' All men (and women, LM)  are not created equal. One Man, One Vote is a concept we have been sold emotionally. How much pressure can our civilization take? When too many pots boil over...I think we have 10 years, maximum...We're a domino system. The message is, 'Enjoy what you have now. Now is the time. Soon enough there won't be any.' "

Is the Supra-Conscious issuing a license to be escapist, hedonistic (desire for pleasure and avoidence of pain), thus encouraging the Decline and Fall? That, of course, was not the intent. It was a purely personal message for Bob Monroe.
Why did Monroe not go public with warnings?  Others have been saying the same.
Bob: "Consciousness can help, 'But I don't know of any single event that would cause even an appreciable segment of the population to achieve Conscious awareness'..."
Those are the words of someone who might be called the rankest (complete) cynic. Yet Bob Monroe's statement merits examination. Serious people are convinced he does voyage to There (higher densities, LM) and come back with information which is arguably not solely of his own imagining.
Bob: "The only way you can superimpose another reality on humans is to hit them repeatedly with that two-by-four between the eyes."
(I don't know what Bob meant. I remember how Don Juan was forcefully hitting Carlos Castaneda between the shoulder blades to move the Assemblage Point and to make him to change the reality, but we all are so afraid of pain!  LM).
...basic issues raised by Monroe's outright questioning of the God concept. Bob would never engage in a doctrinal argument with a believer in God. As always, he says, "Don't take it from me; go out there and see for yourself," which is a very humble suggestion. He even gives Gateway students the key to the Library, the repository (a warehouse) of all Knowledge.   (what is known as Akashic Records, LM). It's not the act of an ego-driven dogmatist who has much to protect. Monroe truly wishes other would join him out There to overcome the loneliness of his position, and report back to Mankind (and Womankind, LM) what they learn.
Monroe's quiet contention is that he has gone beyond belief to the Knowing...Monroe has flatly told Gateway audiences the main task of the non-physical Friends is to protect and help the Explorers. If people were able to overcome their inculcated (instilled) defenses and try to accept what they could understand of Bob's own Know System (from his books, LM), there would still be the problem of language. All of what he observes and all communication when Bob is exploring is non-verbal. Translation into human language and therefore into our understanding is difficult at best.
Bob: "Anything less than catastrophe probably won't change our awareness. I secretly think that's why it's going to happen."

Log Cabin, Bob's first house at TMI            Bob Monroe Radio Chief

This Russian looking log house at TMI was used by Bob a lot             Robert Monroe - a Radiochief
and gave me an emotional turmoil, when I saw it in TMI brochure  
a few years back (before coming to TMI). I  always wanted to live
in a Russian log house and I never did. Now I know why.

Everything what happened to me, happened for one good reason: to mix my energies with someone else's energy of some different energy of a place, planet of a Universe! For years I didn't know about it, but I am aware of it now! 
Like many others, I wanted to have shortcuts, for example: to have a personal teacher to raise my awareness faster or, at least, to know about my other lives, about myself from qualified people. I tried many things: Astrology, Kinesiology, Tarot, even attempted to have a session with Dolores Cannon. But everything failed.
I know that I have Alters, but what these Alters do, I don't know.

My story is a long story : like a story of a struggling humanity on/off Earth at the Endgame Time. These are the memories which I was allowed to keep: the rest is blocked. They are, probably, so gruesome or so sensitive that releasing of them makes my invisible Controllers scared. The info below from C.Castaneda's "The Fire from Within", p.X is related to both of us: Robert Monroe and me, the difference is only that R.Monroe could 'see' for a number of years before he died and I still can't:

The Explanation of What it is to 'See' Something, Which is not Visible to the Ordinary Eyes

"Don Juan had already explained to me, in his teachings for the right side (of the body), a great deal about the nagual and about seeing. I had understood seeing to be the capacity of human beings to enlarge their perceptual field until they are capable of assessing not only the outer appearances but the essence of everything. He had also explained that seers see man as a field of energy, which looks like a luminous egg. The majority of people, he said, have their fields of energy divided into two parts. A few men and women have four or sometimes three parts. Because these people are more resilient than the average man, they can become naguals after learning to see."

My life is a typical example of what is happening to a Blind-Folded Earth Human Female. I am still in a female's body, though I don't feel a female anymore, not the same frequency is coming out of my body. I feel that I'm an Androgynous being, that I have male and female energies in equal proportions. I didn't know for many years that the more physical and emotional pain you experience, the close you coming to the point of becoming an Androgynous being. Russians have been kept behind the Iron Curtain (like a huge jail) for the main reason: to create a white race, who would go anywhere (positive or negative place) to any corner of our Universe, because they were so pissed off with living in a jail. And I am one them!

There is an article I've read recently on http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/cienciareal/cienciareal28.html  called
"Alister Crowley and the "Sirians", where I've read:" Amazon cultures were known to be able to breed without the use of a male. Because the human body is primarily androgynous, a separation of the sexes is not theoretically necessary for procreation...Their culture and the general goddess culture of that time period was supplanted by a patriarchal culture that has attempted to subjugate women to the most unbearable of conditions. The male forces established control..."
Food for thought.
For a number of years I've known that I was that Blind-Folded long - lost counterpart of Robert Monroe, the founder of The Monroe Institute in USA, Virginia and the author of 3 books: "Journeys Out of the Body" (later he prefered another name for this book "Journeys Into the Body"), "Far Journeys" and "Ultimate Journey", but I could do nothing about it, I, personally, didn't plan it, the higher part of me did.
Would you find another website (apart from ours) which would analize R.Monroe's books in such a detail? I doubt it. That is the proof! To my knowledge I don't know of any other Russian woman, who would claim to be Robert Monroe's substitute! And it's easy to prove by looking at the energy field of a person.
Those who've been manipulating me for most of my life know that too well, I mean Illuminati, all kind of humans, shamans/sorcerers and aliens, especially Reptilians and among them British Royal Family. But for many years I had no idea who I was.
As I wrote somewhere, that I consider my life here on Earth really boring compare to Bob Monroe's life, because
I can't give even one example of my other lives or astral travels like R.Monroe had, but it doesn't mean that I didn't have them.
In R.Monroe's "Ultimate Journey", p. 51, he described the meeting with the most evolved being on Earth, Androgynous Being. R. Monroe asked him a question and get this answer:
"You insist others obtain their own answers. Why you should be different?"

Well, this is the reason why I've been getting all the answers myself. If R.Monroe's out-of-body experiences were initiated and he remembered them and described them in his books (he met more evolved parts of himself and discovered a lot and that wasn't easy). I didn't have this advantage, never had OBE consciously (logically I know that everyone has OBE's, we all go to sleep and have dreams every night). 
"Cosmic Journeys" by Rosalind McKnight, p.162:
"All energy dimensions of the human self are working their way into balance during the sleep state. This includes the physical, etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Those individuals who are living more in the energy level of the first two and a half dimensions are more closely connected to the earth/time dimension, and their dreams will be much more on a functional level.
"When their lower energies are balanced temporarily, they can go into the higher levels, but rarely remember them. They mainly remember the dreams that are more earth-oriented, which is a working out of emotional and mental blocks or a balancing of energies in these lower-vibratory levels."

 After reading this info (and more) I assume that I work through lower vibratory levels of myself and Earth, like exploring life underground where a lot of negativity is concentrated or going through a Black Hole (not a very pleasant job to do, but most of females have to do it: they are more balanced than males). But occasionally I have dreams of a higher nature, usually after some major events in my life and wake up in tears. So I presume that I visit higher dimensions then, but mostly don't remember dreams or out-of body (or rather into the body) experiences of higher levels. What a relief!
I never had a bright luminous Being out there in the Cosmos to teach me something, never had a personal teacher in spiritual matters. I was always self-taught, natural, made thousands of mistakes and learned from them how to become more balanced and always thought I would never make it through.
While R.Monroe was busy with astral matters, writing books and trying to find more money to run the programs with students at The Monroe Institute, I was thrown from one Timeline (Parallel Universes) to another, without me being aware of it and half of the time I didn't know where I was and what I was doing (the same is happening to my son).
The controllers are still keeping most of us in this state.
Unfortunately, most of my memory of Astral travels is still blocked , but not for long now! I know that I'm psychic
(we all psychic in various degrees). More psychic people have been heavily used on Mars and other Planets apart from Earth and I suspect that I am one of them.
If you think that being a long-lost sister, a back-up of R.Monroe makes my life easier and more enjoyable, that people would adore me, be open and friendly with me and I would have a lot of like-minded friends like it was in the case of R.Monroe, you are making a big mistake. R.Monroe would often feel like a lonely being, especially after Nancy transitioned.
My life most of the time was really boring. I've been alone in my efforts to study Alternative materials.
I was born on 11.11.1946, in Moscow, in former USSR, in the family of Russians. If you are familiar with Carlos Castaneda books, you would know that naguals are the leaders and could be females as well as. They have a double luminous ball in their energy field, compare to an ordinary human (who has a single luminous ball) and they are not always become sorcerers, but leading humanity in some other ways.
Each one of us, humans, is a Higher Self for a bunch of your personal Alters on the lowest 3rd density (though your Higher Self is on the 5th Density. For a sorcerer, your Higher Self would look like a big jelly fish moving through the Space, but your physical body would look like a luminuous ball or an egg moving through the Earth energy field.
Like R.Monroe, I never was really keen on astrology/numerology and other metaphysical sciences, had a couple of astrology charts done on me and none of them really covered all of me (just a small part), the most important features were missing. How can you make a precise astrology chart anyway, if you don't know the time of birth and nobody knows inc. me? Or if a person has 300 other different personalities-Alters. And also position of the stars and planets of 3rd Density is not the same as the position of the stars and planets on the 4th Density and we are no longer in 3rd density: we moved into the 4th one.
So I gave up trying to find out more about myself this way. After reading "Matrix 5"trilogy and learning about the existence of astrology, I noticed how most of M 5 readers became very professional in astrology and very biased by it (not a step without astrologically calculating it), fearful, restricting their own freedom when they heavily rely on astrology. What a life! Reminds me a Reptilian life style: they don't make a step in life without their ass-trologers approving it! I presume there is nothing else men can rely on, but astrology. And what about intuition? Do males have it? It's different with women, they do and they use it! I also didn't like Matrix 5 trilogy author's attitude to judge someone by her/his astrological birth signs. We and our Total Selves can do unpredictable things: no astrology can cover it. The more evolved you are the more unpredictable you are, the more Life Loops, Booby traps you've already overcome.
What I've discovered for myself (it wasn't difficult), that we, humans (all of us) have more than one personality in us, and these personalities are females and males (that was confirmed by the books I was reading, esp. R.Monroe's books).
The number of these personalities is different in every human. This condition is called Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) in medical circles, but it's not a Disorder: it's the expansion of our Beings! You can find descriptions of multiple personalitities in us in many books and I have a few links on this website of the authors, who is writing a lot about it,
I post full books or extracts from them or give the names of their books and esp. R.Monroe's books. I also post some material on MPD on Youtube, because it's important that we all know it and would not be scared of it, of our Expansion. R.Monroe used the word expand in his Affirmation.
I didn't find in the medical books/journals/magazines or any other books/materials that we all have Multiple Personality Disorder (read Order). But I found that parts of us exist on many higher levels, not just Earth and a confirmation of these thoughts in books of Robert Monroe, Cathy O'Brian, Brice Taylor, Rosalind McKnight, Michael Talbot and many other writers. Everyone seems to be scared of people with MPD or being very upset if they are diagnosed with MPD, without being aware of the Truth, that we all have it. Medical profession interpret MPD as being crazy
. That's how they've been taught, noone told them that MPD is an expansion of ourselves.
MPD has many names for it (up to 300), which is practically all mental 'diseases' (for more details, please, go on the link :        Psychology of Multiple Personality Disorder

Next of my discoveries was that all human females are forced by circumstances (or males) to become prostitutes, if not in this universe, then in one of Parallel Universes; if not the original Self, then one of her Alters/other personalities. And often human females are not aware that one of their personalities is a prostitute, like that was described in books of Cathy O"Brien, Kathleen Sullivan, Brice Taylor and other writers. The females-writers didn't know that one or more of their personalities were forced by their male-handlers to live a life of a prostitute. This way females supply energy for males to function and if you eliminate that source (like brothels or marriges), human males would start dying out.
I also noticed that not many human females are writing about their astral travels and I'm not surprised: most of their energy is sucked out of them by constant artificial pregnancies, miscarriages and children, often mind-controlled sexual activities and serving and supplying the males with their energy for their astral travels and for life on Earth in general, without their knowledge. They are so tired that there is no energy left to have conscious Out of Body experiences, remembering them and writing books about them, unless you are a female - sorcerer (though M 5 author thinks differently and propagate his false ideas everywhere, but the time will show who is telling the Truth). The Grand Plan of this Game is not to make human females to be aware of it, not to overpower human males, which can be easily done!
I felt relieved since I've known from R. Monroe books that nothing was sacred. This writing is more like the sum of the most memorable impressions and sensations I had in many Timelines. I know that there are Parallel universes we all are creating and living in, which we might not be aware of.
The prove of my participation in other Timelines, other Parallel realities is years of missing time I had, when I didn't know what I was doing. I was observing the same situation with my Australian and Russian family members. I was always reluctant to look for a hypnotherapist, a psychologist or a psychiatrist for fear that they could reprogram me instead of helping to restore my memories (like some of them did to other abductees, for instance Andy Pero) or maybe I was programmed not to seek help at all and to find all the answers myself.
In this story I will have a constant comparison of my living conditions, of my development with Robert Monroe's life, where you would see some drastic differences and some similarities. I feel it would be interesting for you to see.
Different people have different impressions of the same event, this story is my impressions, my feelings, this is the story of my life seen through my NEW EYES, NEW AWARENESS!
If you ever wondered about the atmosphere of alien planets I'll invite you to the hub of it : Moscow of 1940's, 50's and 60's! These were the years of replacing old type of physical bodies with the new genetically designed human bodies capable to survive rapid changes of frequencies of the planet, able to travel to the distant corneres of this and other Universes, the bodies, which could be occupied by alien entities and cope with more programming. The population of the former Soviet Union was so mind controlled that when Stalin finally died most of the people were crying, inc. me and my mother, because  most everyone was hypnotised with the same idea: Stalin was the best person in the world (group consciousness idea). I was about 5, in the kindergarten.
I had a taste of living half of my life (30 years) in one of the most unbalanced places, named Soviet Union!
Population of the planets of Orion (Reptilian) Empire doesn't believe in God, they are taught to believe in their Queen only!
People of the former Soviet Union were not taught to believe in God, but to believe their (males-Kings) the Communist Party leaders (though churches secretly functioned then and now religions are blossoming and taking over the government). And nothing really changed much since then, just people have more material things and Church is ruling the country together with the Nationalist Party.
The Soviet Union was the country of boring looking cities, endless jails and concentration camps, military underground installations, medical and all kind of "scientific" institutions on the surface, underground and underwater.
As a child, I've been experimented on a lot in those medical establishments. I couldn't understand why did I have to go through a series of medical experiments if I wasn't sick? And most people I've seen as a child in the USSR were in all kind of military uniforms : all kind of soldiers, pilots, sailors, builders, firemen, medical, plant workers, miners, Institutes/Laboratories collaborators, college students, schools and even party members are still in the same dark suit  like 70 years ago, so on
(that shows how alien this place was). Children, starting from a kindergarten, school, orphanage have been dressed in the same black and dark brown uniform (millions of children dressed exactly the same like in alien societies). And I was one of them. Later I noticed that China looked exactly the same, only the uniform was different.
Here is a huge difference between my and R.Monroe's upbringing. He lived in a middle class family, I lived in the poor family. He had loving and very well educated parents, I didn't have parents, who could love anyone or were highly educated. Robert Monroe was a white male and lived in America, but I was a white female and lived in Moscow, USSR, where all people were envious of life in USA.
Orion Empire with all their expertise already existed in the Soviet Union right from 1917 (the time of the Revolution), it's just got expanded over the years !
The Soviet Union: sealed World with "communities" everywhere and constant slogans 'we are all the same and we are all equal' or 'Everything on Earth belongs to all people' (and nothing really belongs to you) or 'Lenin and Stalin are our fathers and the best people in the world' or 'Party is a captain of our ship'. This kind of stuff I was bombarded with from birth to the day I left the country in 1976. Later these slogans turned up in the songs we, as pioneers, had to sing, because nothing else was available at schools and pioneer camps (a preparation of children for military service).
Later I found the only thing to be true : NOTHING really BELONGED TO ME, EVEN MY PHYSICAL BODY !
A person living on Earth needs to have some basic possessions. It is pretty tough to live without a shelter and food in cold countries like Russia.
Whenever you turn TV it was/is the same picture: party members sitting in the rows of chairs in big halls, occasionally apploding all together,
having meetings every week. The hypnotised audience was/is listening of the next speaker of the same boring bullshit and it's on and on, the same and the same. Every day, even now after 55 years, if I turn TV on to see Russian News it would be some kind of meeting of hypnotised numerous party members or a board of directors making decisions or arrival of the party leader/modern president to some country. Or, for years, they would still show the same boring pictures and talks about World War 1 or 2 mixed with religious 'events' or killing of the Csar and his family or boring Court sessions, bank bankrapcies or 150 days just about 'Gasprom Affairs' or  50 years of "Sector Gaza" Affairs. That would drive a bloke to drink and that what Russians do: drink and drink a lot. My brother, my father and my sister became alcoholics, but not my mother and me.
How many times I witnessed an endless line of naive, programmed people waiting to see the mummies of 2 Soviet murderers : Lenin and Stalin in the Mausoleum in RED SQUARE in Moscow (monitored by Reptilian world underneath the Kremlin complex). And I was one of this visitors in my childhood.
Here is more info
about this place  from  http://englishrussia.com/?m=200901&paged=2  :

"There is an ancient tomb situated on the Red Square of Moscow, right in the centermost point of the city with a real mummy inside. Yes, it’s not ancient of course, it’s only 70 years old, but still there is a tomb and a mummy. A mummy of Lenin, the leader of the first Russian communists who lead the country to the revolution and broke out the Tsarist reign thus wanting to establish the freedom to all, like, poor people. This is what every Soviet Russian kid was taught at school from his (and her) early age. The name of Lenin was considered the most sacred word, together with his depiction. If the schoolboy got as bold as, like, drawing some funny whiskers in the text-book for the Lenin’s portrait he could be severe punished, his parents summoned to school and then the special report could be sent to their job which could cause them being fired or even imprisoned. In other words everything concerning Lenin’s name was a holy cow. Same way was about his tomb. This place was a real shrine for the multi-national people of Soviet Union. Hundred thousands people when came to Moscow just had to visit the so called “mausoleum” and to get a fast glance on the mummy of the Lenin lying under the bullet-proof thick glass. To do that people had to stand many hours in line through all the Red Square, but it was considered worth of this. The most curious line in this set is the line to the Lenin’s Mausoleum - you can see it on the photo with the Red Square - one could think that Russian people shouldn’t stay any more in line to visit the Lenin, the idol of the communism beliefs when they have such a ruined society around, but no - people were still eager to stand many hours line to visit Lenin too. Probably they wanted to say some swear words right in his face?"
It’s interesting but even now, twenty years later after the Soviet Union started collapsing, the tomb is still at it’s place right on the Red Square and the mummy body of Lenin is still inside. And there are even still lines of visitors waiting for their turn to pay a visit to the Communist leader. The tomb itself was build of the red stone which was mined only in one place in Russia, in the village Shoksha of Karelia, and is being highly estimated by the luxury architectural designers from all over the Europe. They order this stone even to Paris for some decorations, and so from this stone this Lenin’s mausoleum was built. This modern look of this structure wasn’t born at once. There was a special Russia-wide contest for the best design of the future “mausoleum structure. Some of the photos of those works from the archives are here today, this is how it could look."

Moscow Mausoleum    Moscow Demonstration
   Moscow Mausoleum   and  1st of May Moscow (forced) Demonstration I witnessed for so many years (day of all workers, but, in fact, an important Masonic, satanic ritual day)

Fear and suspicion of each other, victim-victimizer mode, constant negative emotions were the norm in those days, pretty much the same as the atmosphere in New York's and other major city airports (and not just the airports) in USA these days. Well, this, alone, makes Russians much tougher than Americans, esp. after 'Perectroika' in 90's! They've been prepared to economic crises and earth changes well in advance!
USSR in 80-90's has been the peak of relocation of humanity from Earth to a newly organised planet with similar, but not the same energies, which is supposed to start a new Planetary Game in 3rd , physical Density, but possibly in another, parallel universe.
 We all have our negative (reptilian and other negative races of
Orion is other negatively charged star systems, who consider themselves above humans and everyone else are Power/Ego oriented) and positive features. We all have Alters/Other personalities in us as well as a lot of Holographic Life Imprints of other people's lives (whoever lived on Earth) and all is collected in Akashic records (Universal Storage). These Imprints have been chosen by us at the time of preparation to Earth experiences on a higher density to give us some foundation, not to make us disoriented by the complex Planetary Game. These Imprints we can also have during the time we spend on Earth (according to Dolores Cannon's findings).
I couldn't understand why everyone (inc. my mother), everywhere (kindergartens, orphanages, boarding schools, camps  were hating me for repeating what my mother used to say about the hypocracy, greed and corruption of the Soviet Government, about the male domination in the country, poverty and unbearable conditions people (inc. us) had to live in, about special privileges some people had in that country and others hadn't  (
I lived outside home 90% of my childhood and teenage years).
And as a child I believed that that was the only life in existence. But my mother would say the opposite to what official media (TV, Radio, newspapers) has been spreading and I believed that too. Orionized males/females' negative behaviour was pointed out to me by my mother when I was a child, but often I saw her behaving the same way, which made me even more confused. She lived by "do as you told not as I do".
I've been mind-controlled to repeat her words like a parrot in the kindergarten/camps/schools/orphanages to cause children and adults to avoid me or just shut me up. This caused my mother a lot of trouble. Many children were in the same situation: by saying the truth to other people they jeopardized life of their outspoken family members, causing the hatred in return. But children were taught by society (inc. parents) always to say the Truth.
I remember that most of the time spent in the classrooms of different boarding schools and orphanages, I 've been phasing. It means not even present in the room , just my body would. Some people call it day-dreaming.
I was taught by the society to say the Truth and I thought I did and that was good, but 'saying the Truth' from the point of KGB meant to spy-report-betray freedom loving people. I was too young to see it. This was a paradox, a confusion for me. Only years later I realised that those were not my thoughts, not my experiences, that I was repeating someone else's ideas like a parrot. I didn't know that I was programmed like a computer to spit out someone else's opinion (and because my son later would be doing exactly the same it's not really hard to work out that there is a common pattern of mind control for every genuine human and it originated from a negative source). I also didn't know then that one of my mother's Alters was a freedom loving person and a victim, but another of her Alters was my most cruel handler-victimizer, who would quite often get physical and unbearably insulting with all of her children inc. me. This kind of behaviour she learned as a child at the government running orphanage (she was treated this way and didn't know what love was all about like hundreds of other children) and this pattern of rough attitude spreaded from generation to generation among millions.
Now I know that these reptillian techniques have been used all over the world, in every country, for thousands of years and not just in Russia. Most of the humans went through victim-victimizer stages like all of us.
Exactly the same pattern of victim/victimizer I would observe in myself and my son's behaviour in Australia. The reporting of my personal life to other people by my son over the phone I paricularly disliked. That proves to me that all the techniques used by the Mind Controllers on us are the same for every country and they came from the same source: Reptilians/Draconians. That was the same pattern of mind control and government training of my mother, sister, brother, my husband, me and my son had, without any of us being aware of it. After reading books of R.Monroe in 1996,  to my total surprise,
I found the answer to all of this: victim-victimizer activities create more Expansion and Loosh/Unconditional Love in us, believe it or not! And this white energy is constantly skimmed of the energy of the planet Earth to be used elsewhere and to make this planet permanently unbalanced. This is the part of the Game we are playing.
At the age of 16 I finally had my own tiny room, without a bathroom and even that was considered a luxury.
I hardly ever had any privacy, even now, being monitored, followed by the government agents of the Soviet Union and later Russia, Australia, Italy, US, England and other countries I've ever lived in or visited. I've been monitored by my family members in Russia and Australia without me being aware of it for most of my life. And I thought: why me??? What did I do wrong? I am not a secret agent for anyone or something of that nature.
Years later, after a thorough research into Alternative literature in Australia, it dawned on me why every my step was monitored so heavily. It's because of my connection to Robert Monroe!!!

 Lyda's mother

1) My mother in our home in Australia in 1990;
2) my mother and my son Robert in our home in 1990

young Robert
My son Robert at 3 years of age

My mother played a crucial role in my childhood and not my father, who was kicked out of our family by my mother, when
I was little (she couldn't tolerate male domination and his sexual drive for his daughters: me and my sister). I will say a few words about her first. I, personally, never met someone like her. She had only a high school education, never read any books or had a library of books for us or teach us anything: she was too impationed and had no love for humans or animals. She never was into Occult/Religion/Science/Metaphysics/Communism/New Age, but very good in critisizing everyone and everything; she was not a highly advanced Spiritual Soul (far from it), but, nevertheless, I learned a lot from her inspite of her unbearable nature. She was a very practical person and was raising and handling 3 children alone, being a heavily wounded invalid- war veteran. She couldn't afford to raise 3 children on a tiny pension, that's why we lived in government running institutions most of the time. But she was a very independent, simple and strong woman, though mentally/emotionally very unstable. She passed away years ago.
My mother never had any family, never knew when her real birthday was, never celebrated or even reminded us about our birthdays. As a baby, she was found by some people in the market place in winter in one of the cities of Siberian Far East near the border with China after the revolution in 1917. That was a common thing in the years of starvation and chaos, artificially created by the upper echelon to move masses of humans from here to different Universes.
A mother would be forced to give up a child, if she could not feed, shelter it or the child was illegitimate: that would mean a lot of humiliation from the relatives and the locals if a female would keep the child (things still haven't changed much all over the World). I know single mothers (even in Australia), who are despised by others, especially males, just for having and raising children alone (reminds me "Matrix 5" author). Females have been constantly artificially impregnated by the Controllers and the biggest fear for most of the women and men in Russia and other parts of the world has been for a female to become pregnant.
It's a huge scheme and there is a reason for it: the expansion of us into other realities, other universes and populate another planet, which is getting ready for a new Planetary Game in the 3rd physical Density, but most likely in the closest physical universe!!!
Reptillian mothers of Orion Empire, on the other hand, don't have a maternal instinct at all and abandon their children (without being criticized) to be brought up by Reptilian males who is using them for entertainment inc. fight and sex.
If these children survive, they would have no boundaries. That makes them Ultimate Warriors according to Alex Collier's info.
The USSR reminded me Orion Empire. Many human children were also manufactured in underground installations, maybe my mother was one of those. Siberia has been always a big Secret, full of underground cities and bases, anomaly/
paranormal places and space ports.
It was surprising that my mother, as a child, later was taken out of cold Siberia and ended up in an orphanage in the best part of the former Soviet Union: warm Yalta, Crimea near Black Sea, where she became an Abductee, a Multiple
(Multiple Personality Disorder person), a Mind-Controlled Sex - Slave and a trained Spy-Remote-Viewer. She also had the Energy body and abilities of, what C.Castaneda called, a nagual woman, though she was not trained as a sorcereress. 
At the beginning of WW 2 she was chosen (together with other young females) and 'trained' to participate in the 'Sacred War' (WW 2) for the 'Motherland'. That's how propaganda machine was calling the war started by aliens, to replace humans with aliens and humans with an old DNA for new Russians (with a new DNA), creating more Portals to other worlds, as well as moving and mixing different energies of different people/animals/ET's with different energies of different Universes. This process will be repeated in 90's and will  cause appearance of 'New Russians' of another generation.
Now I know more about the Universal Shift, about the Planetary Game, but my inner awakening only started about 20 years ago in Australia through books written only in English (which was tough to understand).
WW 2 was a major "Window of Opportunity" for ET's at that time: they've been pretty busy for the last hundred years.
Groups of humans with their physical bodies and in spirit form have been taken from battlefields and relocated to the new planet, so called 'Second Earth', which is not the real name. Also many soldiers who were missing and found again or wounded and had amnesias (no memories of previous life) were often substituted by aliens-One-Timers. Sometimes, clinically dead, would be revived with another soul in the body, permanent Walk-ins, means their bodies were used by alien, mainly One-Timers (the same body, but another part of the same soul or a totally foreign, alien soul) to have at least one life before the Planetary Game in 3rd Density was over, which is the toughest place to be. This is a well known process when original soul is vacating the body and another one (alien) is getting in and that involves children too. Alex Collier was given this info by a positive race from Andromeda and describes this process very well, please, see  Alex Collier info  .
On the other hand Dolores Cannon in her "Convoluted Universe", book 2, p. 184-185 writes:

"S (Sally): ...You've heard of walk-ins where one soul leaves and the other comes. This isn't like that. This wasn't actually two souls. It was just that the portion that came in would take the volume of two souls. Double the normal amount has come and joined with her (the client of Dolores) recently. That is incarnated now with her.
D (Dolores): The two didn't exchange.
S: No, there was no exchange. That was a joining, an adding. We told her twice that this new part of herself was coming. And now it is here and now it is joined.
D: Did she know when this happened?
S: Not consciously. But she knew it was going to and she prepared consciously, and that was of great assistance. And she knows she feels different now. But had not consciously acknowledged that there was more of her. And that it had joined. She will now receive very much knowledge. It's not going to all happen at once, but it will be triggered as she acclimates.
 (I suspect that the same happened to me, only nobody told me that that could happen or I should prepare myself consciously. I just compare myself before and after. Well, I presume that every case is unique and both writers: Alex Collier and Dolores Cannon are right, LM).

D: Then when this life is over, will she go back and not have to keep returning?
S: Right. She will stay until her job is finished. She won't have to incarnate again. She will stay until the shift is complete (as you can see most advanced females will be staying to help the Planetary Shift to take place, LM).
D: This place where she came from , is that what I call the Spirit side?
S: Anything that is not a form (physical), is  Spirit side. There are multiple, multiple places. This is not like you die and go there. It's before you incarnate, you are there. It's just a different realm.
D: Some people consider those spirits are angels that have never incarnated.
S: It's not an angel. It's a soul like everyone else. Just not incarnated in (physical) form ...  She was in form, just not in a body form. She was in spirit form
(spirits can create any holographic bodyform, LM). 

There is also another way of not replacing the soul, but merge with it and influece it, which is described by Dolores Cannon in the same book on page 208-211:

"A (Aaron, whose home planet is populated by grasshoper type beings):...Although sometimes we can merge our frequency with someone else who's willing, who's already here in human form. Sometimes there is a linkage that could be agreed to. And so we work through them, or can work with them, advising them or directing them (here where the catch is, LM). It's a way of accomplishing some of it without having to go through the birthing process...    
D: It sounds as though he is not essentially an Earth person. Is that right?
A: This was under camouflage, yes.
D: That he is really from other places. (Yes) And he just comes to Earth occasionally?
A: Yes. He's done both. As birthing and as merging...  
"An envelope of emotional instability" that also allowed him to experience human emotions he would not come up against any other way. It was also a ruse (a clever trick) or a bit of camouflage to make him appear normal to the outside world ...
(a lot of people experiencing an emotional instability. All my family had/have it, LM).
D: He said in very early childhood, he remembers having some kind of experiences with other beings. It sounded like they were the grasshoper type (or maybe praying mantis?)."

The Game is not stopping, but moving fully  into the 4th Density: I just see the signs everywhere.

Part 2

Gorky st. Moscow in 50's  Gorky St. in Moscow in 50's

1) and 2) are the pictures of Gorky St. in Moscow (major street) in 1950's, I lived at the very end of this street and spent considerable part of my life in Russia here. These are official pictures. In reality there were 20 times more cars and people especially in later years.

Moscow Metro in 50's   Moscow artist in 50's

3) The entrance to one of the central Metro station in Moscow in 1950's

4) A Russian artist on one of the central streeets of Moscow in 1950's

Russian favorite meal - pelmeni
Russian favorite meal - pelmeni. I remember how my mother used to teach me how to make them.

I personally met a few aliens disgised as humans in Russia in 2004-5, who came back  to Moscow 
wounded after the war to live quite comfortable lives with a good pension, free cars and free trips overseas and to resorts of Russia every year, married to human, unsuspecting females/males and they are still alive! They were scared by my knowing who they were . They, the negatives,  have that hypnotising ability to confuse you, that's been done to me many times. I've seen them at their weekly meetings: they looked like being made of paper: a gray mass of (different to mine) weak, but positive energy.
At the end of 1944 my mother was artificially impregnated (without her knowing it), wounded in the head, had amnesia and was taken to the hospital. There were many women in her situation.
When she got out of the hospital she was  highly decorated as one of the war heroes, but
was given a tiny pension at the age of 25 and sent to Moscow to give a birth to her 'illegitimate' child (my brother) in 1945. During her later years she had highs and lows depending on the political climate. I observed the main feature of my mother: she had no fear of Authorities. I know that before the war she had a private meeting with the wife of Lenin, Nadezhda Krupskaya.
Whenever she needed something like a bigger pension or a medical treatment, she'd go for it, she would meet and talk to political authorities (the higher rank the better) till she would get what she needed (used emotions whenever it was necessary) and all her 3 children would be always present when the meeting took place. She was extremely unbalanced and was taken for occasional psychiatric 'treatment', which would make things worse.
The only difficult thing was: accomodation. At the end of the war that was a Big Problem for a single mother. She was told by the Authorities that she only had one child, and she needed to have 3 children to get 2 room's flat (rented from the government). Government needed more humans!
Well , she HAD TO PRODUCE 3 CHILDREN just to have somewhere to live. Here is the difference between my mother and Bob's mother, who didn't have to produce children, that just happened and she loved them all, she was a very kind, intelligent woman, a doctor and gifted musician, who organized her own family band apart from other things. They also were not poor and had their own house.
My mother (and father) never played any instrument, was short of maternal loving instincts and looked more like a man: the last thing she wanted was children.
There were/are so many women in Russia and not only in Russia, who doesn't have any maternal instincts and a desire to have children, especially One-Timers, because they don't want to be tied up to Earth and be forced to come back here: one life is already too much for them and their only desire to return to their home planets particularly among positive races. They are overwhelmed by the negativity of this planet.
My mother had no sense of humour
 and immitated male abusive military style for life, which she picked up from male bosses and her training. As Credo Mutwa said: women are copy-cats, they'll imitate anyone! She often got physical with us, children and we were scared of her to death (my sister retained that incredible fear of her till she died at 50). Over the years she became a very secretive person and I don't know much about her activities, because 3 of her children (inc. me) were away from her, most of the time in government running schools and endless medical facilities. She never had friends, never built a social box to please others, had no motivation to change herself. My father and my mother created a huge 10 year,s divorce drama and her children as a result of it had to be questioned in the courtroom every year as a result. It would make anyone to become very reluctant to marry and have kids. And we were not the only ones: the same has been happening to the whole country and later I found out it was happening to the whole world!
Planned, by controllers, traumatization of children started from birth and even earlier.
Surprisingly my mother was not religious or a party member. That was an easy loop for me to overcome in future. My mother died 18 years ago. I followed her pattern in many ways: never been religious or any political party member. Election and military service for men were compulsory (but some managed to get away with it). Election was considered a joke: on the ballot list I always saw only one name for a candidate (many didn't know what to do with this paper). The same candidate could last for quite sometime, up to 20 years, like : Chrutchev , Brezhnev , Gorbachev , Putin and so on. When I watched Brejnev on TV last time, he reminded me a robot/clone reading the same speeches for so many years, creating a mass hypnosis. All of us literary had no choice but to vote for the guy who was chosen for us.

Typical Moscow scene  Moscovites

sale-girl   chilldren of USSR

Foodstores windows of the old USSR
Foodstores windows of the old USSR

1) A typical scene in Moscow's internal inclosures of multistoried apartment buildings in winter
2) Moscovites

3) Moscow in 1950's, a sale-girl; this was my first job at 16
4) Children of the former USSR
5) Foodstores windows of the old USSR ;

In my later years in Australia I didn't trust anyone and was voting for myself and only because voting was/is compulsory (in Russia too, only in 2 countries in the world).
In my childhood I remember myself and my sister crying most of the time, I've seen the signs of horrific tortures on her face, feeling sorry for her and myself. Other people were feeling sorry for us, children too sometimes. I have a suspicion that she was not really Russian, but of German (or even Arien) genetic make-up, because I often would be taken for German, though I was born and raised in Moscow, but I can't prove it.
I also feel that artificially impregnating women of all nationalities with Arien and Jewish genes has been done to create more obidient to Orion Empire races, who would perform any negative task and their souls could be either replaced or merged and influenced by negative races. 
Later, in Australia, I noticed that children and adults, who's been regularly abducted, sexually and physically abused  were crying a lot, making parents even more angry with/without knowing the real cause of these tears. What was frightening that my mother never knew what it is to love and how to pass that feeling to her children. My mother's favorite words were: "Enemies are everywhere!" She was programmed not to trust and not to love anyone inc. her children.
There were many reasons for her violence, and one of them was Mercury amalgam (metal) teeth, which were put in her mouth because all her natural teeth were knocked out during the war. As a result of my chemical and biological research in Australia I found out, that poisonous Mercury was constantly leaking from the teeth into the brain causing violent behaviour. The scale of this operation was unbelievable to me: most of the people of the Soviet Union (inc. me) had Mercury amalgam teeth or fillings in their mouths (millions and millions). Later I took Mercury Amalgam teeth out of my mouth. I was astonished: "How could we all still function: playing sports, work, study, breed and so on, inspite of constant flood of biological, electromagnetic and chemical poisons into our bodies!?
But now I know the real reason: to make a Super-race, who would be able to travel to different worlds in different densities, starting from 3rd, in different universes with different climate/biological/chemical/ composition or of a different waveform spectrum (from ELF-extremely low to microwave to radioactive
frequencies) and spread Balance.
As a result of my abductions and subsequent programming I became another Mind controlled Sex-Slave-Breeder (without me knowing it), Abductee with Multiple Personality 'Disorder' (which I didn't know about for 52 years).
My sister and my brother had the same destiny with a bit of a difference: they both became alcoholics and drug addicts (I wasn't interested in that). I didn't know that that was my Higher Self's decision then.
"You yourself choosing your parents" for me it means: my higher evolved part made this choosing, but it is still would stay a theory to me, till I meet consciously with one of my Higher Selves and find out.
Later I would read about the lives of princess Diana, Andy Pero, Arizona Wilder, Cathy O'Brien, Christa Tilton, Brice Taylor and many other females, Mind-Controlled slaves. When you have a hard life you can understand better lives of others.
I was so happy to find such materials outside Russia and learn that I wasn't the only one.

My father was an Electrical engineer working for Mos-energo, Moscow state company, which was supplying electricity for the whole Moscow. He died many years ago. I had little contact with him. I was born with a big area of gray hairs in the area of Crown chakra, showing that it was damaged by some type of alien technology. Crown chakra is helping in spiritual awakening if it's functioning, but I didn't know about it then. With gray hair I looked much older and started dying my hair pretty early in all kind of colors. Later I noticed how fashionable hair dying became all over the world, esp. streaking. Gray hair is a good indicator of how much stress the body withstood and it showed me that the level of stress the whole humanity was in has been increasing year by year .
As a child I was always discouraged by my handlers inc. my mother to have any friends or complain to someone, and every year I would inevitably end up in a new place:
a kindergarden, a pioneer camp, an orphanage, a hospital or a boarding school (usually in the negative premises of old churches), so I couldn't make any friends even if I wanted to.
Why the authorities were moving me, like a gipsy, from one suburb of Moscow to another one every year is still a puzzle for me?

Former Soviet Union felt like endless military camp to me, with sterile atmosphere, like you were living in Mintaka (Mintaka is a Home planet in Orion Empire, where their Queen resides, read the materials on  Robert Morningsky info : affection for each other was non existing. Nazy type orders and hatred/indifference of all the children were the norm of life at home or government institutions. Victim-victimizer attitude was rampant, individuality was mostly supressed and nearly all of the population had to live in communities: like Collective farms, Soviet farms, military barracks, rented communal flats and dormitories in cities and villages run by the (Reptilian) Soviet Government.
We lived in one of those rented dormitories first few years of my life. You either had to obey the Authorities or face
the consequences: jail or loss of life. This way the most courageous people were weeded out.
Communist China was another alien planet (Rigelian, reptilian culture), which I visited in 2004. And like in negative worlds upbringing of the children was done mainly by the government. To encourage the flow of children into the hands of aliens, you need only to worsen the living conditions of the population which was successfully achieved in the Soviet Union.

Winter Moscow in 50's   Winter Moscow in 50's

Moscow in winter in 1950's; as a child I was passing by these kind of houses many times thinking: "How nice it would be to live in a house like that."

Considerable part of my life as a child was spent in the public transport or the streets of Moscow where I felt happier being alone. And my long lonely journeys by public transport through busy streets of different suburbs of Moscow started. Every year , twice a week a different route by metro, bus, trolleybus and tram would get me to the place where
I was suppose to study, eat and sleep 5 nights a week without seeing anyone from my family. That made me pretty independent, not frightened of this huge city even at night. Years later it helped me to travel in the former Soviet Union and around the World. The only taste of Freedom I had as a child was, when my mother would take us, children, out of Moscow for 3 months of summer holidays a few times. I had an absolute freedom to run bearfeet and explore nature around me: country roads, fields, forests, montains, villages, rivers, lakes and Black Sea of Ukraine and Abhasia, near Gagra (as long as I was at home by night and brought my sister home safe). They were the best and unforgetable days of my childhood and I am grateful to my mother for giving me such an opportunity! I was so impressed by seeing a sea for the first time!

Black Sea    Black Sea
                                              The beach of Black Sea                                                 Black Sea

The mountain landscapes were different to Ukranian village, and rows of cypress, grapes and magnolias instead of weeping willows and fields of sunflowers. The people in the collective farm were different too, as well as their language and customs. Abhasia is one of the most beatiful, rich in plant/animal life, favourable in climate place on Earth. It has hills, mountains, rivers, lakes and Black Sea, but not very good roads. You could consider yourself lucky living there, but not after the events on 8th of August 2008. But in 1957 it was fantastic! My sister and I were climbing hills, learning local life and swimming in the mouth of the mountain river Bsib and the Black Sea for the whole summer. When I came back I wrote a composition about my adventures in those areas for the school, which my teacher liked.
I loved watching and participating in peasant's activities of Ukranian village: helping to build their huts, growing plants, collecting harverst grains and fruit, fishing and swimming, taking care of the ducks, making crafts, going to the markets, travelling in their carts buckled to yoke oxens to other villages, cooking cherry jam in big copper pans outside on a fire and drinking freshly drawn, still warm early morning, singing Ukranian songs with local girls in the evening and learning their language, watching how clay pots were made and participating in their festivities. Four of us lived with a single Ukranian mother, Natalka and her small son in their tiny, one room hut in the village. There was no electricity in those areas then and no toilets: we all had to do our toileting in a pile of manure next to the barn for the whole summer. But I was so happy and grateful to her that I could not forget them and years later I visited her and her son again. It was another planet for me, much happier one. There I started laughing and dancing with coloful locals.
But I always had a responsibility: my younger sister, for whom I was practically a mother and a teacher. With a mother like ours we were growing up real fast. Later I observed that fast growing up wasn't just happening to us, but to thousands of other children in all kind of government institutions. Children were forced to imitate soldiers - pioneers (military discipline and a life style)!

In the long tunnels of Moscow metro as a child, I observed some people overtaking tight, endless flows of hundreds of humans, refusing to join the mass and managed to be at the front of everyone. I liked that and followed their example in metro and then through life: to avoid following the sheep whenever I could. In the streets of Moscow I was watching alien way of behavior of people around me: they either looked like motionless robots or constantlly argueing , fighting , angry with each other. I observed their emotions, movements, speech, expression of the faces, the way they walked or talked to each other. Laughter or a smile in the street was considered by the public (and by my mother) a sign of craziness. And that was like an infectious disease. You find it hard not to imitate, at least partially, this alien behaviour. Later I was reading in books and articles by foregners similar descriptions of Russians in Moscow. I couldn't understand why people of Moscow were so different to more natural and harmonious humans in the Ukranian village? My dream then was to spend my entire life in a village.
Costantly overcrowded, old public transport system of 40's, 50's and 60's, delibarately created bottle necks everywhere full of negative emotions, especially in the underground train system, which were the feeding points for Low Astrals.
This is the point I would like to make. Low Astrals are parasitic beings who are getting the energies from humans usually without them knowing it, using the ability to stay in another dimension, which makes them invisible. This is a big advantage they've got, because most of the victimizing is done this way. Remaining invisible they provoke a lot of fights, a lot of violence and misunderstanding among humans and that is the part of the Game. Soon you would be able to see them.

Moscow Metro, early 50's  Moscow underground tunnels
1) Moscow Metro, in early 50's there wasn't as many people there, as in later years;
2) Moscow underground tunnels;
3) Moscow orphanage children in 50's. It looks very much like the children of the places I spent my childhood with;
4) These children are vaccinated and I was one of similar children in 40's, 50's and 60's;

Moscow orphanage children in 50's

Children forced vaccination. I was one of the children in 40's, 50's and 60's.

Metro in Moscow was built before WW 2 and expanded within last 75 years into a huge underground system, connected to Global tunneling system of underground cities and bases. I could learn more about US underground system of tunnels, cities and facilities in Australia in 90's, than get hold of similar maps of former Soviet Union or Australia. This is how secretive these places still are.

At the age of 14 I was awarded a trip to one of the best pioneer camps in the country, again on Black Sea, for good achievements at school, but I feel it was done for more programming (my memories are still blocked). But then I was very proud of myself thinking that I was not that stupid after all. I briefly befriended an unusual Albino girl (I suspect that Reptilians were most interested in Albino females) and started having problems in that pioneer camp too. I was constantly asking myself: " What's wrong with me? Why do I always get into trouble? Why do I more and more behave like my mother? " I simply despised that idea. Now I know why: because she and I had the same programming, the same Wernicke's commands implanted in our brain.
Only in the last 12 years of my life in Australia I found out about implants - microchips, DNA commands, body programming, genders' repulsion (I had a lot of troubles with boys then and disliked them), about aliens, about us playing a Planetary-Universal Game, how Mind control is changing you, how you suppose to brake those loops and become your true Spirit. I didn't know then, that Russia was getting flooded with more and more aliens and not just Russia.
I felt out of place and wanted to die most of the time, experienced a lot of peer pressure dealing with hundreds of new children every year and went into myself. But, like my mother, never built a social box: prefered to stay the way I was
(my son would follow the same pattern as me and my mother). Practice of vaccinations was really pushed to the limit from WW 2. I remember how we, as children, would be lined up and had another vaccination shot or a scoop on the skin (almost every month). I was probably infected with all diseases known to mankind, but my Higher Self was obviously looking after me if I'm still alive. I've been watching a lot of sex between boys and girls in mixed gender dormitories of kindergartens (10 to 20 kids of both genders in each dormitory, supervised by alien activity). But whether I was involved in sex in there or not I don't remember, most of the memory of my life was erased (but I wouldn't be surprised if I was, I've already overcame the body ID ).

Once I was at Kremlin's summer dachas (resort) for little children (which was very unusual), most likely for programming of 'selected' kids of military personel. Reminds me Andy Pero's Story. Every Sunday I would come home from a kindergarden/orphanage/internat and watch another hissy fit of my mother screaming how stupid and spoilt we were, wishing us death most of the time. At that time I didn't know that death was the best thing that could've happened to me:
it was a celebration of another, more rewarding existence and going back to your true Home.

At the age of 15 I was sent to a special boarding school (year 9) for children who lived abroad for many years with parents who served as officers in the Army, mainly Germany. But for the last couple of years of High school these children were sent back to the former Soviet Union to complete their education. That Internat was considered a privilege , but was next to the tallest and most powerful Ostankinskaya TV tower in Moscow (in Ostankino). The area of the boarding school had so much radiation from that tower, that I could bearly move: we were guinea pigs. My school marks went way down.

Russian governmental incubator Russian pioneers  Ostankino's TeleTower in Moscow

1) privileged children born in Moscow in 40's- 50's hospitals;
2) Russian pioneers in 80's on the 1st of September, the beginning of school. This was the only day when white shirts and white aprons were allowed. I was one of those pioneers;
3) Ostankino's TeleTower in Moscow, where nearby one of my boarding schools was situated;

I had a lot of Mindcontrolling experements done on me at that time (some of it I could remember). I was also exposed to constant girls talks about the life in other countries and started dreaming of escaping Russia and live in another country, where I thought there was true Freedom and people lived good lives. But how to get out of Russia? It became 16 year long obsession. Living in that country meant to me worse than death! I didn't want to cross the border like others did and instead of Western Europe to get to the opposite direction: one of Eastern Siberian concentration camps.
My mother started losing her grip on us and we began having fun by mocking her actions and the angrier she was the more we, teenagers, would laugh. She seemed to have endless hatred of all humanity and all animals and never stopped expressing herself till she got jailed. A year later she got out of jail surprisingly looking better than ever: younger and slimer (her body was replaced with up to date genetics or another of her Alters walked-into her body permanently).
In Australia in 90's I've learned from my materials how MPD's (Multiple Personality Disorder) people, Mind-controlled sex-slaves-breeders, assasins, Montauk boys/girls were created: through constant physical and emotional trauma. Often these people would become very creative in playing instruments, acting, painting, sculpture, singing songs and writing books, music and poems. And now I know why. At that time I didn't know that each year I would be spending in yet another Parallel Earth environment of a different waveform. Different Earths and different Moscow cities, different schools and different children/adults, even my family there would be composed of their different Alters. 
And all of it was done for the same reason: to mix my energy with the energies of everything and everyone I would run into.
After finishing school I had boring, nauseating jobs (since 16) and studies at one of the Institutes specialising in food chemistry and food trade. It wasn't my real choice. I had a desire to study Nuclear Physics, but females were NOT allowed to study at that specialised Institute.
The only thing I remember achieving at the age of 21 was buying my own tiny flat, moving out and braking my family ties. I was fed up with everything, determined either to find the way out of that alien country or to suicide. Life was so boring and painful for me: I was constantly artificially impregnated and lost count of my terribly painful abortions.
My body was used as a machine for production of fetuses. I probably have hundreds of human children (or maybe hybrids). And I wasn't the only one. Millions of women of USSR were constantly impregnated and aborted or miscarriaged or had children. I, like all other women, was blaming men for all my troubles, not knowing the reptilian and other races governments' extensive artificial impregnations programs.

Thousands of people have been dreaming of being able to work and travel to different countries or escape USSR alltogether, but Iron Curtain was still in existence. Only deeply devoted to the system like KGB agents have been sent to work abroad then (scared to death talking to others about their 'work'). Those who was able to travel abroad were considered SPECIAL PEOPLE, they were worshiped and envied, like they had some kind of 'power' to lift the "Iron Curtain". But later I realised that they were not 'SPECIAL' at all, most of them were connected to Intelligence or were non humans!
At the age of 21 I started having programmed 'synchronicities' in the Soviet Union, which involved doing things for years which I hated doing and generating a tremendous amount of FEAR for Low astrals to feed off. Aliens have been studing my actions and emotions.
More and more information about life abroad was coming into the country in 70's, but not about Global abductions. To my knowledge, there were no UFO or abductee groups similar to USA groups organized in the Soviet Union then (to help people to understand what was happening to them). Books about Soviet UFO Research were not written then  and just a very few privately printed much later and heavily censored. Everything was sub-jew-gated. But bureaucracy of the former Soviet Union was unbeatable then (like in Europe, USA and Australia these days) .
Apart from getting High education, which I found extremely boring and tiring (especially political sciences), my mother did a good job on me by telling me the Truth and because of being involved in double life without me knowing it (similar to Andy Pero, Brice Taylor and Cathy O"Brien). Constant experimentation on you makes you to lose concentration. For years I haven't been able to look straight at the eyes of people and my mouth was twisted from tortures in one of my Alters and when it showed on a picture I would throw it away keeping only the good ones. Even now I am only able to look at one eye of a person, not both: this is not normal. Many victims of child abuse can't do it either. I started preparing myself for moving abroad : finished 4 year course in English (studied German before), learned how to drive a car, play tennis (these things were very useful later). I had not a bad voice, was interested in music and finished 4 year musical school for adults (piano) and had an overwhelming desire to become a jazz singer and a jazz piano player. I was absolutely crazy about American negro jazz and now I know where it was coming from: Robert Monroe.
All these thoughts I had then, but with time and more knowledge about this planet and the role we are playing in the Universal and Planetary Shifts, some of those thoughts has changed.

    Lydia next to her car in Moscow  Lydia in Moscow

   Lydia skating in Moscow  Lydia skating in Moscow

1) I am standing next to my car in Moscow in early seventies;
2) my childhood and teens pictures were destroyed by my mother and this is my picture at 25 years of age;
3) and 4) My dancing partner and me on a skating ring in Moscow, before I moved to Australia;

I had also a lot of experience driving a car in Moscow and other cities of former Soviet Union all year round. The roads in the country were/are always in a shocking state (not like in USA or Australia). Australia doesn't have snow and driving a car here is a piece of cake. Russian salaries of that time were a joke and I had to become a wheeler-dealer real early to be able to buy a flat or a car. One of my close friends much older than me was teaching me how. He had a great sense of humour which made me laugh. He used to joke about me:" We never had, don't have, never will have people like you and we don't really need them!"

Modern Moscow   Modern Moscow

                      1) and 2) Typical Moscow scenes in 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and to this day (unofficial fotos)

    1st of September-first day of school    Moscow in 90's

1)  1st of September, first day of school; modern schoolgirls-pioneers are in white aprons with mobiles, the rest of the year the apron will be black and the dress dark brown; millions of schoolgirls are dressed the same way - that also didn't change for the last 70 years 
2) Modern Moscow show-girls
3) and 4) Moscow at night these days

Moscow at night 1  Moscow at night 2
                                                    St Petersberg and Moscow                                               

  Cinema "Russia" in Moscow
Cinema "Russia" in Moscow
I often  thought, that I probably would never get out of that fucking country. Like my mother, I've never been a smoker, drug addict or an alcoholic (that, most likely, has been done already by someone in my cluster). I had no real ties with my boyfriends and family, there was never any affection between the members of my family. Suicidal thoughts started coming again into my head: I was bored to death! Finally I found a dealer who was willing to smuggle me out of Russia for a lot of cash. I knew that there were people who escaped that way.
Well, at the age of 28 I had to make a tough decision: to part with everything I had: money, flat, car and pay for this deal in advance hoping that the dealer would not fail me. Another option was to stay in Russia till I rot. And I decided to go for it, to risk everything for Freedom (I was so naive then). I knew that I was playing with a fire: if the authorities found out, I would've been in jail in no time. The agony of living without knowing where I would end up lasted for 2 years.
And when I just started in the direction of learning how to become a Jazz musician, the visa to leave the USSR finally arrived. I was smuggled out of the Soviet Union to Austria at the age of 30. That was the hardest test for me: my Spirit won this battle and I'm sure when your Higher Self seeing that you are serious, that you are parting with your possesions and risking your life for Freedom - IMPOSSIBLE BECOMES POSSIBLE !!!

Part 3

Vienna Opera House
Vienna Opera House I visited

Italy, Vatican   Italy, Colosseum   Italy, Pisa
                                                                     Vatican                                   Rome                         Pisa, Italy

1977 , Austria, gloomy winter, straight from the plane, finally I am abroad alone. Complete change of life started.
I arrived to Vienna for 3 days and looked around, puzzled (first time abroad).
"And now, what would I do with lost citizenship, no documents (you had to refuse from USSR's citizenship and leave your passport and birthday certificate in that country), no job, no language, no place to live, no car, no food and not knowing a soul in the whole world?
Is this how 'Freedom' looks like?" I thought. "There is not much of a difference between Western style of survival and Eastern one: both are hostile. I became panic-stricken. Soviet authorities allowed me to take out of the country only $100 and no valubles. What can you do with $100? I seemed to find myself in constant depression.
Then 'synchronicities' started happening in Austria.
I wanted to move to Australia, though my heart always belonged to USA (R.Monroe's influence). Later I would have
a choice of a few countries, inc. USA and inspite of overwhelming desire to settle down in USA I was programmed to move to Australia. It was so contradictory: later I would deeply regret that I ended up in Ass-tralia. On my very first day in Austria I was 'accidentally' introduced to an Australian military engineer who later became my sponsor to Australia.
Then I went to Italy, joint Tolstoy foundation, which helped migrants (mainly Soviet Jews and I was not) financially and to get the approval to move permanently to different countries, especially Israel. Within a month, again 'accidently', I met an Italian military officer who quickly found me a job as a tennis coach in one of the tennis clubs of Rome. I learnt enough of Italian to be able to communicate. That impressed me a lot. Only later I found out that all my actions were programmed and heavily monitored, but then I thought all the decisions were made by me. I was lucky to spent 8 months in Rome and travelled to a few lovely cities of Italy, visited all the places of interest like Vatican city and Colosseo, many musiums and churches. I was not religious, but curious about archetecture and an atmosphere. Musiums and churches felt boring.
Visited famous Vatican's catacombs underground.


                                                                                                 Australia, Sydney

Sydney, Australia 


Pet cockatoo  my cockatoo

1) This is the picture of John at my home in Sydney in 1982, who was my sponsor to Australia. He passed away a few years ago;
2), 3) and 4)  I am with my pet Cockatoo Tishka in 1982;

my cockatoo


Palm Beach Sydney

Whale Beach in Sydney

Tasmanian ruins of Lemuria
Tasmanian ruins of Lemuria

After almost a year of emotional torture of not knowing if I get permission to live in Australia, the permission was granted and I flew from Italy to Melbourne, Australia. My life had to be changed even further : from Northern hemisphere to Southern one (means the further North the hotter it was), driving a car on the left hand side (not right one like in Russia), Australian language was even harder to understand than English and the first thing I noticed how uncomfortable the energy of Australia was for me. I thought that I'd made a BIG MISTAKE, but it was too late to change anything. But now I know why I was programmed to move to Ass-tralia.
(There are a few reasons and one of them was to keep me away from meeting R.Monroe! For many years I couldn't afford to go to USA).
After 3 days spent in the family of my sponsor in Melbourne, I decided to leave for Sydney. It was crazy: not knowing anyone, having no money, no job, no accomodation, no car, no documents, no food, no spoken Australian, not knowing anything about Australia and their life, not knowing what to do next.

Sydney, 1978 .'Synchronicities' started again .
Within a month I met some members of Russian community from Harbin (China) in Sydney. Met also 'accidentely' my future husband George on a tennis court miles away from the place I was renting, on another side of the city.
He, 'accidentely', was a Russian and could speak Russian as well as English and 'accidentelly' happened to live next door to me and like my father was 'accidentely' an Electrical Engineer graduating one of Sydney uni's, Master degree , working for Defence. I thought what a lucky 'coincidence' to find a Russian guy on a tennis court who spoke Russian, lived next to me, within a short period of time in Sydney, Australia! 
Though I always felt that we were not compatible (there was something different in his energy), but nevertheless we became close friends for years: playing tennis (I was teaching him classic tennis movements), working together in the same company for sometime, studing, building a house ourselves (because we didn't have enough money to employ people) and being members of Russian Community from China for a while.

Boulding our home  Lydia doing plastering  

Building our home. Here is another connection to R.Monroe: he was engaged in building a lot.

Nobody before felt 'sorry' for me (I usually got kicks, not kisses), but this guy was different: he felt sorry for me and
I liked complaining to him about my life (misery loves company). When he, at the age of 12, was crossing the equator in a huge passenger ship taking him and his parents from Hong-Kong to Sydney, he drowned in the pool of that ship at 'fun' time of Neptune ceremony and was revived later. His parents were scared to death.

An interesting observation: as a child he loved school, created a social box and did'n t have peer pressure at school!
With me it was the opposite: I hated schooling system, didn't create a social box and had a lot of peer pressure. There were 3 people who influenced the developement of my character most: my mother, my ex-husband George and my son Robert.

My diploma from Russia wasn't recognized and I couldn't find a job in that field because my English wasn't that good. Within a year I started TV Operational techniques course (end of 70's) with one of Sydney's colleges connected to a TV studio (I was so proud of it). Here is the similarity with R.Monroe's involvment in Radio/TV industry and mine. It was very easy to start the source: I didn't have to pass exams to get to this college and to pay for this education. The education was free for everyone in Australia and the USSR, but in the USSR you needed to pass diffficult exams if you don't belong to a special group of 'Chosen' people.

Lydia's TV work  Lydia's TV work

1), 2) and 4) This is TV Studio of North Sydney Technical College, the teachers, me and other students in early 80's;
3) The old building of Australian Film and Television School, where I used to work;

Lydia's TV work  Lydia's TV work

I found my husband's help great. He and invisible R.Monroe were patient enough to explain to me complex technical subjects in Russian and in English, that I would understand and at the exams with invisible help from R.Monroe I would go and pass my exams quite successfully
(though I didn't know it then). The same invisible help from Bob I had with my English-Russian translations and just writing and understanding English for many years up to the point that my English now is better than my Russian. My husband was impressed by my achievements and I was impressed by his knowledge of everything (except subjects concerning consciousness). I liked his soul. I remember in the USSR we all were taught TO WORSHIP THE INTELECT, NOT THE SOUL (Orion motto)! What was also very attractive in him, that he worshiped females and behaved like a woman sometimes: his calm and soft feminine manners, his total unselfishness, his intellegence and eagerness to help everyone around him in everyday life, at work , at home and on a tennis court made him very popular at work and on a tennis court, especially among females. For the first time, I thought, I found 'the one' who was truly caring for me. His feature to do 'everything' for me and our son Robert slowly made both of us so dependent on him, not capable to look after ourselves, spoiling both of us. He and Robert, sometimes, had been mistaken for females and I couldn't understand how could such a fragile person do hard physical jobs together with me for years? 
Years later I read in R.Monroe books about the School for Super-Humans, School for Compressed Learning we all attending in our sleep on higher level of consciousness. Bob was told that there were no Repeaters sent back to Earth to repeat one more life, like before. All new humans (those who were willing to have at least one experience on Earth before the Planetary Game is over) were One-Timers. There are millions of One-Timers of both polarities on Earth right now. My husband seemed to be a One-Timer of a positive polarity. The idea is not to stay 100% positive as a result of this Game, but become more balanced, to learn to manipulate all kinds of energies in 3rd density: positive, negative, feminine,  masculine etc. and go through Pain and Pleasure experiences.
More about Balance is written on Home Page and George Green info, R. Monroe also talks a lot about this subject on video on Youtube (#5) (with written content) on Home Page.   
And yes, my programming was working like a swiss clock: everything what average females do, I was doing too.
The longer we lived with each other the more uphappy we were (no wonder : male vrs female, my husbands hearing aid, a very negative place we lived in and on top of that unlimited variety of Mind-Controlling techniques. After I worked things out, it was easy to see the same 'partnership' arrangement in many other families.
He was a workacholic, but never had an initiative to become independent (still in group consciousness). I, on the contrary, felt always unhappy to work for someone and it was my idea to have our own buisness in Electronics, which he finally organized inspite of hearing problem. I always felt sorry for him (he was born without one ear and that taught me to be patient), I thought he needed me and considered my duty to defend George wherever I could. Usually it is the opposite: male is expected to protect his wife.
Many, even young, people these days are wearing hearing aids which are meant to Mind-control those who are wearing them and those who are next to those people. Hearing aids are as dangerous as mobile phones: too close to the brain. We never had a mobile phone: I was against, but I couldn't do anything about the hearing aid (constant listening device for CIA agents as well). I discovered this fact after year 2000: I had a constant exposure to my husband's diabolic, electronic hearing aid, which made me so mind manipulated, so obsessed with material things for years, kept me firmly in the Game, spiritually asleep, hypnotised. I wish I had such an obsession for reading and gaining Knowledge then!
But nevertheless we taught each other many things.
I was working in TV industry for a while till I became very sick, totally incapable to work in electro-magnetically poluted enviroment (on top of my constant abductions, impregnations, performing something on other Time-Lines and strange energy of Australia). I couldn't understand why some men, who worked with me, were attacking me all the time, making me feel inferior (male domination again). That is happening a lot in TV industry.
After my research and personal observations (in 2004) I came to conclusion : TV Studios and their branches (like Australian Film and TV School) and their programs were either boring or negative. The reason became clear much later: the whole idea of TV is alien and designed for aliens, all kind of technology is their energy. Real humans, especially women, feel sick after a systematic exposure to alien technology. The movie "They Live" only supported my observations. There were a lot of ET's and Illuminati members working in TV industry then (and now) and what American Illuminati were doing in USA, Australian Illuminati were doing in Australia.

My mother liked travelling around former Soviet Union as a volunteer, lecturing young soldiers about her experiences in WW 2 in Russian military zones (between mental institutions) and I couldn't understand what kind of deal she had with the military? She used to show to everyone newspaper articles written by controlled media about her participation in WW 2. She was still very strong and independent, even managed to come to Australia alone, on crutches, to see me and my family at the age of 70 (in 90's). She could stay for 3 month, but left Australia in a couple of weeks, not being able to withstand the energy of my household and Australia in general: that made her so nervous. A few other Russian females noticed the same peculiar and unpleasant effect, esp. in the hotter regions of Australia's Outback.  
I also loved travelling and after completing my studies I finally visited USA, most of Western Europe and Singapore. While travelling through California, Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona I was abducted again, my body was implanted with new microchips and a more powerful command to breed. I was getting old and was hesitating to have a child.

The idea to have a child was my husband's idea, not mine. After 7 years of being with him I was so well 'domisticated' and surprised at the (programmed) 'desire' to have 2 children (but luckily I ended with one), that I didn't resist anymore. Then later, as a result of my research, I found out that it could've been the decision of one of my Higher Selves. Later my views would change, because having a child would change me 100%.
Because I had no idea how to give a birth to a child I started my research into the subject. Excellent books on medical fraud especially in USA started opening my spiritual eyes. After realising how much damage have been done to all of us by medical proffession I decided to become my own doctor, which requested a lot of reading of literature on conventional and alternative medicine and experimentation on myself: through trial and error that is.
I tried everything. We built a floatation tank at home and used it for relaxation, using ozone and hydrogen peroxide for bodies and water, getting liver stones out using Hulda Clark's herbs and a zapper, her generator for killing all sorts of parasites, urine therapy, years later Colour therapy. Later in life I became so obsessed with parasites that I was afraid to have any pet at home though little Robert asked me many times (now I do have 2 dogs and 2 cats).
I've read about floride compounds in our tap water (which makes you docile and plain stupid) and changed to reverse osmosis filtering and ozonating water, which became a big help in my awakening. I didn't know about these things in Russia and about me drinking Moscow water full of chlorine and floride, which made me not very bright. After reading R.Monroe books in 1996 I asked my husband to build a Check-Unit (like at TMI) in our home and met a silent resistence. He was never interested in Monroe or other Alternative writers. He wasn't greedy like the members of my Russian family, but would give me a scandal when I wanted to buy an alternative book from USA. Apart from technical, bookeeping, tax, some alternative medical and junk literature, he never read any alternative materials. But after many years of me trying to change the situation and make him and my teenage son to read what I was reading, I gave up. It was easier to make an elephant to read. There is a saying: never let a woman to change a man. But I would say: never let a human female to change an alien man into a human - she would fail. Though years later he changed and started reading what I was giving him to read (usually an eyeopener).

Part 4

In 1984 I found an unusual method of giving birth: underwater birth, which originated in Russia, but was practiced by Andromedan races for years. Andromedan females are using the underwater method in giving a birth and if they are from 4-5 Density it looks like there is water there too, but not as dense.
Through a book and a video about a Russian guy, a pioneer in this field, who was specializing in underwater deliveries, given to me by an Australian Orionized female. His name was Igor Charkovsky.
I decided to go for it. Nothing is accidental, looks like I was driven to underwater birth by the Mind-Controllers. There is something in this method which is very appealing to aliens, both negative and positive and that something is Timetravel. Ocean has been used a lot in Montauk Timetravel experiments, Cathy O'Brien and Brice Taylor were describing their involvement in ocean experiments done on them (read both their stories on the links devoted to both  of them and on  Human-Dolphin Connection  on this website). And I feel what happened to them, happened also to me, though I can't prove it.
Much later, after many years of my own research and practice, I came to conclusion that everything is governed from much higher levels with the same result: to help the evolution of species, both hegative and positive. And often negative energy is allowed to be used as long as it helps the same cause: Evolution of Universal proportions (though it feels very cruel from 3rd Desity point of view).
One fact was surprising for me: how males-doctors all over the Globe managed to become obstitricians and even in this, purely female's buisness of delivering a baby, males are the ones whom blind-folded human females will follow?"
Females blindly follow male - leaders everywhere especially religious leaders. It was surprising that Igor Charkovsky
(a male) was the leader of underwater delivery method in Russia and not a female-leader (there is a photogallery of his work on our website, see  Dolphin-Human Connection   link.
At one stage as a sailor he drowned and was revived by dolphins after spending all night at sea. He seemed to ignite many pregnant mothers with this methods in major cities of Soviet Union inspite of heavy opposition from the Authorities. Documentary films in some Europian countries as well as Russia were made about him and his methods. He found that underwater birth, esp. in the sea and with dolphins as midwives was working in particularly hard cases of delivery and with disabled children. But I tend to look at it from a different point of view now. Knowingly or unknowingly he was participating in Time experiments. He spent a lot of years on reseaching and practicing his methods with public without any financial rewards. I see it as another mind-manipulating technique, to create more Alters. Expansion of us never happens without experiencing unbelievable pain.
When you live with aliens you eventually see the difference inspite of heavy, various, painful and constant Mind-Controlling techniques used on you. Over the years I noticed a lot of aliens among disabled people and saw the connection between recent move of Australian Councils to spend thousands on building all kinds of free facilities inc. toilets for disabled and drastic increase of aliens (One-Timers) among humans. 15 years ago there was no such a thing like a disabled toilet. Governments didn't give a shit about disabled humans (in Russia the situation is still the same).
And now a phenomenal change, for instance: most of the parking spots in the city are not for healthy people, but for the disabled people (which are constantly used by healthy ET's) and the number of these parking spaces increasing by the day. You would have a feeling that soon all of us will become wheelchaired.
The change in Local Councils have been taking place over the years: majority of the councilors these days are not human. There are some thoughts about handicaped people from Dolores Cannon's "Convoluted Universe", book 2, p. 211:

"...I couldn't understand how they considered such an injury would make it easier for him to go through this lifetime.
A (Aaron): It was a handicap that we felt would be the best for him as, you might say, a camouflage aspect to allow him to function in certain areas without attracting too much attention. It instituted and allowed to enter an instability in his emotional self, which plays on him at times. And therefore, allows him not to stand out so directly.
D (Dolores): Do you mean having some kind of handicap makes him appear more normal, more human?
A: Yes, basically more human..."

I've noticed groups of disabled aliens in wheelchairs taken by the carers to the shopping centres of Sydney and other major cities of Australia. I've seen aliens taken as humans in major international airports as all kinds of personel, inc. flight attendants and passingers in and out of wheelchairs, I've seen them as children in Canadian long distance trains and among international exchange students. I've seen them at local markets trading some goods or supervising the building of 5 stories houses. This is interesting fact: roughly 95% of Australian buildings are one/two story buildings/houses. Higher buildings are only allowed in certain parts of Australia like city centers of State capitals or Gold Coast in Queensland. I was wondering: what could be under the surface that would not withstand a higher than 5 story building? The only thing I can think of was tunnels, mines or underground cities.

The Russian leader in waterbirth started from returning his own daughter to life by keeping the premature baby mostly in water. For some reason he never wanted to introduce me to her, she was over 20 then. He and she, probably, were tired of publicity. He couldn't understand why journalists were calling him a doctor if he wasn't. Russian women in Moscow were delivering and training their babies in bath tubs in their flats under his supervision. According to him, underwater deliveries were painless and very beneficial for both: a mother and a baby. Beneficial was also subsequent baby and mother/father training: swimming or at least submerging themselves in icy water (similar to what Andy Pero was doing). I knew from living in Russia that the method of adaptation to icy water was not new in this country and has been used among soldiers in USSR to make them more resistant to cold temperatures and diseases.
Through the book and the documentary on Russian methods of waterbirth, which served me as a manual, I was totally convinced (read: mind manipulated), that that was 'the only way' for me. On the drawing below you will find a baby-girl sleeping in water, who was trained by Igor Charkovsky. I followed the same method to train my son in winter in Moscow (from hot Australia) to do the same. There are more pictures of Russian people adapting to colder climate, starting from babyhood, and baby/mother underwater training can be found below. There are more pictures on the link:     Dolphin-Human Connection

    1) and 2) pictures of a baby girl sleeping in the water;

 Baby Training    sleeping baby

3) winter acclimatisation among professionals/intellectuals in the countryside starting from babyhood;
4) Igor Charkovsky is coaching a mother and her baby at Black Sea;

Baby Training  Charkovsky coaching mother and her baby at sea

5) and 6) watertraining of mothers and their children by Igor Charkovsky
(25 years ago)

Charkovsky group's training

7) a young mother, a sportswoman, is training her three children acrobatics and underwater training.
8) this picture is showing Robert Monroe's father Robert Emmett with his toddler son Robert Allen Monroe holding 2 chairs in 1916 ( from R.Monroe's biography by Mayard Stockton).

Baby Training   Baby Monroe Training

Charkovsky portrait  Baby balancing

These are modern examples of Waterbirth on Youtube

20 minutes before Elijah's birth (HypnoBirthing)      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AF-4j9B7QeQ&feature=related
Luis Alejandro's Waterbirth (Parto en Agua)          http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Al8lYmsuYGM&feature=related
Nola's waterbirth                                                   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRP0dWnwxek&feature=related
Waterbirth: Mom catches own baby                       http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbiSvdH5CLo&NR=1
Birth waterbirth A Baby Story                               http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcobgGl4bvA&feature=related


In Australia things were different. We lived in Sydney and it was hard to find a midwife in Sydney, who would help me to deliver. Everyone was afraid to lose their jobs. Majority of mothers-to-be were delivering in hospitals and didn't want to go against the official policy of AMA (Australian Medical Association). Since the moment I got pregnant the things got worse: I was pregnant with hybrid child and you need to experience it to know the feeling, but I didn't know it then. It was such a torture, the energy of the fetus was incompatible with mine. I thought I was going to die. I started thinking about abortion. My ability to think independently disappeared. My mind control was ovewhelmed with pain, that I was easily persuaded by my husband and by a Jewish 'doctor' Geffrey Edelsten, (who owned one of the Sydney's Swan, Football Team at that time), to allow unthinkable things to be done to me and to the unborn fetus (Robert). Another lot of experiments on me and the fetus started: from vaccinations to ultrasound machines.
The whole medical practice in Australia/USA became a huge, alien operated industry, done by money/power hungry, manipulated/manipulating 'doctors'. I had experience with a few Reptilian 'doctors' in Sydney hospitals, who reminded me soleless electronic machines/computers. You would not find human warmth there.

Years later I was watching hundreds of females subjected to horrific Ultrasound machines, Cat Scanners and other similar equipment (this is not the same as natural ultrasound used by dolphins to comminicate with each other or find food). Reading about these machines' negative effects on human body opened my eyes. The irony of the whole thing was that one of my first jobs in Sydney was an electronic company specialising in production of ultrasound machines and testing them in 1979, where I got so sick from exposure to them. I didn't know then that these machines were creating holes in our mental, emotional and etheric bodies. That I learned much later while researching the subject.

The reason I describe what happened to me is to give the readers the idea of what is happening to blind-folded human females at Endgame Time. Some females might recognize it and for some males it could be an eye opener.
Russian writers wrote some books and made a movie and a TV series named "Human - Amphibian" and I've read some materials about Mermaids and Mermen who constantly were encounted by fishermen in tropical regions. I was always wondering how do those half human-half fish creatures sleep in water and if they need sleep at all? Through the centuries sailors of all countries were attracted by the sounds of music and singing of Mermaids and were losing their lives as humans, most likely to reappear as Mermen (after being genetically modified in underwater facilities).
These half fish-half human were trained to live in seas and oceans. But the most interest of the Orion Empire is in genetic combination of the smartest and the most creative creatures of Earth: a human and a dolphin
 I felt that I was connected to this somehow. Years later I read about all kind of Reptillian water human-monsters encountered all over the Globe and wanted to know more about Reptilian, Sirian, Andromedan, Earth human and dolphin connection to underwater birth and training, but couldn't find any materials on that. A lot of this info is heavily suppressed. The only thing I know now for sure that many human souls are replaced by alien souls in the water at the moment of drowning, which is often staged. I personally knew a few Russian people in Australia, who drowned, then, in roughly 30 min. were found and revived with a total change of personal energy, their soul.
One of them was a young and talanted computer - programmer, who came to Australia to work and after a year of working with the company as computer-programmer he drowned. After being rescued, he became a collector of shopping trolleys, because he couldn't remember what he was doing before. Later on, in 1996, I was researching Alex Collier's materials and found out that Andromedan ( Zenetian ) women give birth underwater, at 8 months. Why underwater? Do some of the Andromedan races live in water like females/males-amphibians do? Is it somehow connected to whales and dolphins?
When I look at the whole thing now I feel that I was manuvered between two factions 100% Negatives and 100% Positives, who have been interested to create their version of Superwoman-Superman for the use by their races and had humans involved into helping them to achieve it. The only difference was in how that's been done. Negatives have been doing it by force, cruelty, mindconrol, mass hypnosis, technology and deceit. Positive aliens have been asking humans to help, but sometimes avoiding to say the Truth. I was always wondering if positive races have their own genetic laboratories. I guess they have and if they do what would they be like compare to the underground Hell of genetic laboratories of Negatives? That's how the Evolution of the species is done anyway. I wanted to know what is Andromedan connection to dolphins? And years later, after researching R.Monroe materials I found out that Monroe Institute organized a Dolphin club or workshop. I don't know much about it, but I, personally had some experience of swimming with captive dolphins in Porpoise Pool in Coffs Habour and seeing them in many other parts of Australia. Years later all 3 of us, finally, got to Monkey Mia in Western Australia to meet their famous wild dolphins. But all these places became highly commercialised and artificial. The novelty and spontaneity has been lost: you were not allowed to come and pet approaching dolphins by the security guard. It seems to me now that when Negatives want people to visit or to settle in one particular place, they would stage for some guy to find a golden nugget (to start mining operations) or to stage a religious 'miracle' (to start a religious community) or attract wild life (inc. dolphins) to that place (to have a constant flow of tourists).
Three years ago my husband, my som and me went on whalewatching cruise in Hervey Bay, Queensland, not far from us. That was our first time. I always wanted to see wild whales. But I didn't expect the extent/scope of what happened. As soon as we found  humpback whales they gave us an unforgetable performance. About 5/6 of them were rocking the boat with tourists, running around with photo and video cameras (we videod them to
o), which made the tour operator and the captain pretty scared. The whales were diving under the boat and coming out on the other side of it so close that you could almost touch them. They were jumping out of the water like they've been trained in San Diego seaworld, generating a lot of energy and excitement. They made my day. Later the tour operator admitted that he never saw the wild whales to be SO energetic, there were times that they couldn't find wild whales at all (just dolphins) and he warned everyone about it beforehand. And I felt that there was a connection between that outstanding performance of whales and Robert: they were greeting us and esp. him! I also feel that a lot of experiments have been done to Robert behind my back and some of them were connected to dolphins and whales.  

Lyda, Robert and Dolphin  Lyda, Robert and Dolphin

All 4 photos are taken of me and Robert in Coffs Habour's Porpoise Pool, Queensland, Australia, in 1986 and that was fun for me.

Lyda, Robert and Dolphin  Lyda, Robert and Dolphin



What I learned as a result of the TV programs, where I would be involved later, was that negative and positive aliens are interested in us to develop faster, they don't have time to wait for years for us to become adults (and it's not much time left anyway). So whatever human adults were doing before, now children are doing, like we have millions of children soldiers/pilots/saylors, spys, prostitutes, models, slaves in private houses and factories of Africa, India, China, Russia, South, Latin Americas and other places above and underground. Children-workers involved in all kinds of industries, including computers, in the underground facilities, in orphanages and in jails. The children have been sold as slaves to different planets and star systems. This is a part of the Intergalactic Human Slave Trade. And, of course, those who are selling children need a first class merchandise.
Cathy O'Brien, Brice Taylor and Andy Pero have been describing what they had to go through as children and as the adults and about children slave trade. The same their children had to go through: having sex with men/women, animals  (incl. dolphins) and aliens of all kinds, forced to distribute drugs and illegal money, participate in pornography and as secretaries for political leaders, who used them as human computers and then to demonstrate their abilities to the potential buyers, and as soldiers/killers/spys and as pilots of different types of UFO's. And, as always, children are constantly beaten up into submission. My son and I had to go through some of this stuff too. There was also a lot of water activities of most mind-controlled slaves, to prepare them to use water on other planets if needed.
I feel appropriate to place here some extract from "Thanks for the Memories" by Brice Taylor:

"During Reagan's administrations the doctors at UCLA did tests and demonstrations in front of other doctors explaining how I worked, but they called this "studies" of the mind or brain. They didn't refer to any of it as mind control, but instead gave it the catchy name "behavior modification." They had a circular arena where they conducted the demonstrations while I laid on a table or sat in a chair naked, responding like a puppet to their cues. The demonstrations involved simple mind control techniques as well as telekinesis. Once the doctor directed me to bend a spoon across the room with the power of my mind. They told me to see the spoon bend in my mind and to focus solely on this thought to see it, and hear the words that played in my mind; then the spoon would bend and sometimes it would even move and fall off a table from across the room. Once I was programmed to hold out my hand with a key in it and with my mind I bent the key. I curled it all up while I held my palm and fingers still, my mind totally focused on the key. Most people have no idea the power a focused mind has. The doctors watching would gasp. They also programmed me to start a fire from across the room with my mind. Large grants were given to doctors who wanted to do further research into the power of the mind or the mind/body connection, or studies of the brain. During one such demonstration, a group of doctors witnessed the presenting doctor give me the hypnotic suggestion that I would not be burned. He held a lighted match to my arm, and just as he said, I didn't get burned. One particular doctor filed by at
the end of the demonstration to get a closer look at my arm to see if, indeed, I was not burned. After viewing my unburned arm, tears welled in his eyes, and in Catholic fashion he performed the sign of the cross on himself and said, "Forgive us," and walked away. Over the years, most scientists and doctors didn't respond as this sympathetic, compassionate, scientific human being did. I believe that many were uninformed as to the level of the mind control
experiments and usages, and did not know exactly how the mind control was accomplished. But my controllers were well aware of these technologies and used them to have me appear as "supernatural" to people they wanted to influence. They could pre-program in these manifestations and have them occur seemingly spontaneously without outside interference. This was how they rigged so-called miracles for the Pope and other Catholic leaders at the Vatican. They programmed in 'miracles' like making my hands bleed at the palms like Christ did or making me speak in high Latin tongue to the Pope or Bishops, delivering messages that dropped them to their knees, kissing their rosaries or necklaces or my feet. I didn't know what they were saying to me because I didn't really know Latin. They, like many others, were open to these miracles delivered to them on what they thought were the 'wings of angels' (me) to
influence them. They thought I was some oracle delivering God's messages or angelic messages. I even delivered messages to Reagan with a religious theme, but it only worked on those who were religious.
I went between UCLA and Point Mugu Naval Base often for this technology. Point Mugu had large banks of audio equipment, dolphin tanks, and a pool, and UCLA had brain-testing equipment, MRI, and virtual reality gear..."

It is hard to imagine that all the cruelty we are going through is done to us with the permission of our Total Selves.
I know that we need to spread the seeds of Balance, but is that the right way to spread it?

I got first hand experience as a parent: what it's like to be a parent at Endgame Time, how parents are bullied by the governments, through their workers; how parents lose their right to teach their children, the way they want it; how often children are taken from the parents by force or parents are jailed leaving the child in the hands of Governments authorities. How many children gone missing: they've been either killed of sold into prostitution and other forms of slavery. And on, and on. A very long list of horrible things I've learned after I gave a birth to my child and I've learned it the hard way.
Then I didn't know the real reason why all these things have been happening, but now I know: to mix thoroughly the different energies of different people with different energies of different ET's and then with different energies of Earth in Original and Parallel Universes and then to mix these energies with different Universal energies for the Earth Planetary and Universal Shifts, and for the Creation of a New Evolutionary Energy.

Part 5

Underwater birth

In 1984 I had a home underwater delivery in a small aboveground pool without any drugs or intrusion into my physical body (I was against them) and nearly died of pain (you have a feeling that all your guts were taken out one by one while you are still alive). But even then I didn't fly out of my body to watch myself giving birth: I wasn't unconscious. Those who impregnated me wanted me to experience the maximum of pain without being able to recover while having an astral flight. The water was too hot, that didn't help. Nothing would help if you have a hybrid child inside of you. I was an experimental subject without me being aware of it. I delivered a child, but there was no joy in it whatsoever it was nothing, but excruciating pain, but with time that would change. I doubt that westernised woman, who has chosen a natural birth (without any medication and any intrusion) straight after giving birth would smile and become overwhelmed with radiant love towards her newborn baby (like in a movie). The whole process of being pregnant and giving birth underwater is extremely traumatic for any female. It was also traumatic to three of us: me, my husband and my son. 
I remember Princess Diana was saying the same thing about her giving birth to her children-hybrids, she called herself a breeding  machine, that she was used for production of her children. And she was horrified by the whole experience.
Mind manipulation continued into me promoting waterbirth on Australian TV and then condemned by them for trying to jail a child molester. I lost the ability to think with my heart.
I was making mistakes left and right. I felt that I was constantly manuvered, forced, that decisions I was making were not my decisions, but someone else's. I couldn't get out of that alien trap. That wasn't how I imagined having a child.
I was mindcontrolled to become obsessed with my and Robert's watertraining and sleeping in water, which was  achieved by Igor Charkovsky. And eventually I achieved it too: my son could sleep in water. The whole experience gave an excitement of achievement, but not without another emotional trauma for both of us. This sleeping in water technique is not really new. It's been achieved in/out of genetic laboratories underground thousands years ago. Only negatives want it to happen under their strict supervision (like with breeding). But there is a big difference between human mother's training andReptilian training!
On the pictures below you can find me and my son in training. But now he is not like he used to be.

Baby Robert  Baby Robert


Robert balancing

I got myself involved into the program on Australian TV, called "Superbabies", which I deeply regret now. It was a huge mistake. I had no clue what was really behind of all that (reminds me Andy Pero's involuntary participation in project "Superman", see his Story on our site  Andy Pero info  link, please).
My intent was to help humanity to achieve its highest potential, but without using all kind of cruelty (the way negative races have been operating behind our backs). In my opinion the "Olympic Games" had the same goal: to give the humanity an opportunity to achieve the best results. Now I know that it's not quite so.
What I've learned from my experience, that you  still
can be used by NWO without you having any idea that you are somehow participating in their plans: NWO is using your Alters (created  by NWO to perform their schemes). So, like millions of others I was following the same road. I was reading and hearing that children, if they start early, were capable to achieve a lot and in much shorter time. So I was teaching my son methods described in the books real early, inspite of the troubles me and him have been going through. I wanted him to achieve a lot (like other parents).
There is some connection between "Superbabies" TV program and the School for Superhumans, Human+, the School for Compressed Learning on 4th density Robert Monroe described in "Far Journeys". This is where there is another tie between me and Bob Monroe's carreer in the Entertainment industry.
Like most of the parents we like to give our children what we didn't have in our childhood. I did the same with my son and tried to give him 'an early start' after reading some available alternative literature on how to raise children and my goals were: to teach Robert to walk, swim, play tennis and piano, singing, gymnastics, dancing, rollerskate, iceskate, read and write at the age of 2. But I didn't achieve much. Little did I know that he was a hybrid and he was constantly abducted and experemented on like me, my sister, my brother and my mother. The child was raped a few times as a baby and all my efforts to defend him were constantly broken, the controllers would always find the way how to do it,  so many people are helping them and the same is happening to so many children. My husband and I were trying to sue the child molestor, but we lost the case and it does't surprise me now, after reading so much literature about raping of the whole humanity for so many years on everyday basis.
The program was out of the ordinary, causing a big controvesy, Reptilians didn't really want us to show what our children can do trained by their parents, not macho-men or Reptilians/Sirians/Grays themselves. Reptilians like everything to be a secret, especially what is going on in underground genetic laboratories or secret children 'development' programs and what these children-robots are used for later on.
I lived in Australia for about 10 years, feeling homesick, like many Russians abroad, and decided to visit USSR in 1987 and take little 2 year old Robert with me (before "Perestroika"). Genetically, I know that I am not really a Russian, but German and my father is not my biological father. Most impregnations are performed by the Controllers with the use of Sperm banks, which existed for thousands of years and have been used by representetives of the underground civilizations of Earth. Drunvalo Melchizedek doesn't even hide it anymore and mentioning the existence of these civilizations on his videos.
He also didn't hide how much he was physically abused, when he was in a female body.
Me and Robert flew to Moscow in winter to meet the leader of waterbirth and water training movement. I met him and immediately 'fell in love' with him, because he seemed to have a charming personality, besides I was very well 'prepared' by the intelligence without being aware of it. Now I know that it was an artificially created 'love'. Every male leader has to have a charisma to be able to attract more females-followers in every field (see Eve Lorgen info link on our website for more information on how we often are mind manipulated 'to fall in love' with someone). But he is a nice guy and not after power/fame or money.
But I was under such a heavy mind manipulation, that I was making one stupid mistake after another. Over the years
I found that what I thought were my thoughts, were not my thoughts at all: these commands have been inserted into my brain and they (the same commands) are repeating in other humans. Later my son had the same negative thoughts inserted into his brain and we both had to fight them. Some of this kind of thoughts are called Wernicke's commands (you can find more info on that see  "The Mars Records", S&M.Relfe  link on our site).

Robert's training

The leader invited us to swim in the frozen lake of Moscow's Central (Gorki) Park, where a crowd of Russian enthusiasts called "Seals" had been swimming in winter almost every Sunday and not just men, but occasionally young females with their babies too (see the picture above of the leader and Robert, my son). They were the main supporters of the leader's activities. Me and other 2 females from USA plunged ourselves into the icy water (I have videos of all this kind of water activities). I was shocked, my heart stopped beating from fear and cold, I was sure that was the end of me. I could only manage to stay in the water for a couple of minutes. The leader was standing in the water posing for the cameras, occasionally submerging Robert and other screaming babies into the water. That was tough for both of us, being accustomed to the heat of Australia (most of Australia doesn't have snow).
Something incredible happened in a couple of hours, when we warmed ourselves up! The hundred times enhanced , overwhelming feeling of happiness and wellbeing !!! I was dancing with the crowd of Russians in somebody's flat!
For the first time in my life I've learned what it was like to swim in icy water: you only can feel truly happy after experiencing an enormous misery!
I've posted here a few examples of a very popular these days ice-swimming videos in different countries and more videos on Youtube are on our link  My Thoughts, My Insights  and an article in a newspaper:

Lagoon Polar Bear Club 2009                                           http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ql77SVwfSzw&feature=related
New Year 2009 - Chico, CA Polar Bear Swim              http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUMMJq1py2g&feature=related
Chico Polar Bear 2009                                                http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MWnGWGNUwk&feature=related
Russians ice-swimmers amaze public                       http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UA8yERzQubQ&feature=related
Крещение без морозов                                          http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrWgmUvENCw&feature=related
Swimming To An Iceberg                                                                     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiFBslVqIro&NR=1
Winter Swimming in Russia, Moscow, Strogino                             http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V13ARK9g578

Ice Swimming With 'Walruses' in Russia

Russian Walruses


Reporter's Notebook: What It's Like to Swim in Subzero Temperatures


"Welcome to Russia, where temperatures regularly plunge below freezing for four months of the year. To survive the cold here most people bundle up, but a select few strip down. They call themselves "morzhi," or walruses, and their passion is swimming … in subzero temperatures. At least every week, and as often as every day, these enthusiasts plunge into the icy depths of frozen lakes and rivers.
Morzhi claim that there are enormous health benefits to ice swimming. They say it improves circulation, helps with arthritis and rheumatism pains and rids the system of toxins. They also claim it can cure the heaviest of hangovers. For the most part, morzhi are very health conscious. Most don't drink or smoke and in some cases even have rules that forbid people from drinking before dunking.
"It gives you vital energy and strength," a devotee called Sasha told me on a chilly morning on the Moscow River. She was wearing nothing but a wet swimsuit as we chatted and I asked her whether she was cold. "I am warm, I am warm," she insisted. I told Sasha that I was planning to try dipping my toe in to see what it was all about. "The first time is horrific, but then it's normal," she assured me.
It was with some trepidation that I had decided to find out for myself whether these morzhi are enlightened or crazy. I bought a short-sleeve wetsuit, partially so as not to frighten people with the sight of my white flesh after a Moscow winter, and partially because I was concerned that my internal organs might shut down upon contact with the water. I had spent the week reading horror stories on the Internet about hypothermic shock and panic attacks and the sensation of not being able to breathe properly.
Watching the men and women, old and young, fat and thin, jog, casually into the water and splash around gaily, I suddenly felt rather foolish for my fears. It looked almost fun. I walked into the water purposefully and waded forward. At first it felt like little needles pricking my legs. Then, as the water got higher, I felt something like dizziness. I realized that I was making slightly strange whooping noises and that I was by now almost skipping through the water just to keep moving. By the time the water was just above my navel I decided that I had experienced enough of the icy waters for my first experience and I rapidly retreated to the changing room."

Acclimatization to ice-swimming of Russian women and their babies
Acclimatization to ice-swimming of Russian women and their babies    Acclimatization to ice-swimming of Russian women and their babies  


Later, in 2006 I would read about incredible, but tough things Andy Pero was doing after being exposed to alien experiments: one of them was to stay in icy cold water of the pool for hours which still didn't affect him, but a few minutes of the same water nealy killed an alien when he accidentely fell into the water (Andy Pero got him out of water). After reading Andy Pero's life story " Superman " in 2006 I connected the dots: it was so much similarity to the things which I had to experience. When I was reading those pages my body strongly reacted:
I had hot flashes, my body was sweating, boiling with emotions. These are the signs that it happened to you and there are many who went through the same treatment with the approval of their own Total Selves. It seems like you can't even trust your own Total Self. This is the reason why many humans don't even know that they have a higher evolved part: Total Self (TS). Otherwise they would give a huge scandal to their TS, but they wouldn't do the same to their God (of alien origin). Only when we lose our physical bodies (no more pain), everything would become clear to us.  

But in 1986 I wasn't that advanced in Universal Knowledge and I wanted to see how trained children could sleep underwater and do other unbelievable things the leader was training them to do. I beLIEved that after such training drowning and fear of water would never be a problem! I found it fascinating that we, humans, were capable of achieving so much! I was wearing pink glasses (saw everything in a positive light). Now I see the connections between indian yogies/gurus, C.Castaneda sorcerers, martial arts leaders, Russian underwater training, remote viewers, Montauk boys/girls, Olympic teams trainings, the programs which Cathy O'Brien, Andy Pero, Michael Relfe, Brice Taylor and millions of others have been forced or persuaded to go through. All of this leads to the same point: to create superwoman/superman, to create a better slave/soldier for negative as well as positive sides to fight their wars.
But after years of research and getting more balanced, my thoughts would considerably change.
Russians are really getting ready for the Global Cooling. Below you can find this year (2009) winter swimming of Russians in 19-20 January on Youtube:

http://news.mail.ru/society/2308317/     зимние купания в проруби в Чебоксарах, Россия, 19 ярваря 2009
http://newstube.ru/#/video/69C5AC6E-F3F7-4127-A32B-DD692F648F89/     зимние купания в проруби 19 ярваря 2009 
Winter swimming in19 January, 2009 (купание в проруби в Бездонном озере в Серебряном Бору в Москве)
http://life.ru/video/8543  Mass 'christening' in icy water in one of Moscow lakes, 20 января 2009 (купание в проруби)

  Old Russian Women  Troika

             Old Russian peasant women                                         Russian Winter Holiday


Igor Charkovsky couldn't show me anyone who could sleep underwater and it wasn't shown in his documentary. He started training Robert to sleep underwater and acrobatics after I asked him, though he found Robert too old for this kind of training (he was not 3 years of age yet). I did't quite like his methods: reminded me hospital techniques, the people who has their broken limbs (arms, legs, necks) in all kinds of wooden frames to 'help' them to 'heal' faster. But the results were outstanding! Robert's training wasn't finished: he still could not sleep underwater. It was time for me to go home to Australia. Igor instructed me to continue watertraining/acrobatics in Australia. When I came back I tried to train myself to sleep underwater in the floatation tank and a spa, but failed because I thought I was too old. I was always scared that Robert might drown from this kind of training , but remembered how Russian females were training their babies without fear.
And again all depends on what kind of spin you make on everything you do; what kind of intent is behind of your activities.
And Everything: positive or negative, except Balance, can be used by Negatives for their benefit. The Controllers know how to develop further a positive discovery, made by humans and then turn around and use it against human evolution!

I was learning new things together with Robert and trained him and myself to stay underwater for long periods of time. Finally the result was achieved: Robert could sleep in water. Sleeping in water is the same as swimming Free style only a baby is floating on the tummy and moving just the head (and nothing else) in and out of water for breath in a sleeping state. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it and videorecorded Robert's sleeping in our spa. That only happened a couple of times (gave me mixed feeling of fascination and uneasyness), but now, I am sure, this ability of Robert has been used by negatives to make Robert a perfect soldier for Orion Empire (behind my back), but our plans for Robert were to create a warm, developed and a capable of many things human being. Many parents want the same for their children.
Later I was reading Robert Monroe's biography by Bayard Stockton, where I saw a picture of Robert Monroe's father, Robert Emmett, doing some exercise with the baby Robert at the beginning of last century. That surprised me. I was doing similar exercises with my little Robert in 80's. This baby training wasn't new at all: it was used for thousands of years, to make good soldiers for the Negatives/Positives.

Part 6

Robert skating  Baby Robert  

1) I and Robert (before the age of 12 months)
on a skating ring in Sydney in in 1985;
2) Robert on roller skates with my tennis racket;
3) Robert and I are underwater;
4) , 5) and 6) pictures of our water training in the pool in Sydney;

Robert swimming under water Robert swimming under water

I started training Robert to skate, rollerskate and swim before the age of 12 months: we've been doing it together. Teaching him and learning myself, thinking 'it was good for him'; 'he would have an early start' : simple maths , encyclopedic knowledge , reading.
Negatives were after Robert to molest him right from the start. I had a lot of bad publicity through media after trying to sue this pedophile, for molesting Robert and other children. Unfortunately we didn't win the court case. Government paid 'social workers' were constantly getting on our nerves with constant threats to take our child away from us if we continue and they nearly did. The Australian government (the criminals) took the matter to court and we had to pay a lot of money to legal profession to fight the case and to leave my child with me!!!  
 You can't sue a pedofile: your child can be taken away from you by a court action as a result. NWO and those who are supporting them would always find the reason. I've seen the same things have been happening in many families: children were either missing or taken from parents by a ficticious 'laws'. I was waking up real fast and had no desire to continue my child's training. Now I know that I was programmed to get into all that mess right from the start.

Robert could not really concentrate, something was not quite right : he could read, but couldn't understand the meaning because he was too young. Now I know how alien was this idea: to teach a baby 'encyclopedic knowledge'.
I should've spent more time on giving more love to the child and not the useless 'encyclopedic knowledge', which turns a child into a robot, a machine. And this has been so popular among the public. With the help of movies and TV contestants would compete in how much useless encyclopedic 'information' he or she would spit out like a robot and the winner will be rewarded and admired. The same thing I've been watching on TV
in many countries (inc. Russia) for 55 years. Like Credo Mutwa, I understood that whenever we, humans achieve something for our benefit, Negatives (aliens and humans) would grab it and make us to use it for their selfish goals, for power over others.
This is how Robert, or rather his numerous Alters, looks and behaves now.

My experience with Inorganic Beings (Low Astrals). This article you will find on the link:
My Thoughts and Thoughts of other Writers

Distortion created by Negative Low Astral (Inorganic) Beings when robert is attacked  Distortion created by Negative Low Astral (Inorganic) Beings when Robert is attacked  Distortion created by Negative Low Astral (Inorganic) Beings when robert is attacked
Distortion (esp. the face, the dog and right arm) is created by Negative Low Astrals (Inorganic) Beings when Robert is being attacked. These attacks could also be done electronically to distort your Energy body. On another picture Robert doesn't seem to have arms at all and on the 3rd picture his legs and arm are distorted.
"When you take a picture of a violent person or just people quarreling with each other with digital camera, you would see that the persons face and figure becomes distorted beoynd recognition, even pieces of the body seems to tear off. That is an indication that he/she is being attacked by Low Astrals, whom you or others can't see, esp. those who quarrel. The use of camera can stop violent people, because Negative Low Astrals don't like to be pictured. 
I had tried to picture Robert (my son) a few times before (when he was violent), but each time either he would brake my camera or fight me or picture would later disappear. But this time it was easier to take pictures of violent Robert, but George (though he was tired of the scandals) would not cooperate. He was against me keeping the pictures of negative energy Beings (Low Astrals) attacking Robert and post them on our website for others to see, who is attacking us everywhere and whom we cannot see yet. He erased the pictures and I insisted on him restoring them. I told George that each time you start quarreI with each other, I will be taking pictures of both of you, for me to analize them later and to show them to you.
I wish you could see how both Robert and George became suddenly very tired, ran away to their rooms and locked the doors! That made laugh!"

This is what happened to Robert: his achievements were quickly used by the Negatives, esp. the ability to sleep in water! But at the same time if you know that everything, I mean everything including all kind of tortures of the physical, mental, emotional and other bodies of a human being are not done without a full approval of your Total Self in a victim-victimizer mode. These days a former vampire, a power lover, who used to kill people, life is easy: he can just turn into a Christian and start giving lectures and sell his tapes and be free to roam around, but deep inside he didn't change and still hostile towards human females, whom he raped, killed and whose blood he, literary, used to suck out of them. Gullible people are listening and police is not in a hurry to jail him, but others are jailed for just insulting someone. And the real reason for 'exposing' illuminati is that time is coming when you would not be able to hide anything:everyone and everything is going to be exposed automatically, so now illuminati are preparing everyone to the things they used to do, to make us to get used to the idea.

You can watch Bill Schnoebelen part 1 and 2 on Youtube, it is interesting for me, but too religious:   
Exposing the Illuminati from Within. Part 1 - Bill Schnoebelen
I am also giving a few modern websites and articles on water deliveries and water babies at the end of my story for those who are interested and yes, some mothers are more comfortable with it than others, but I was not, because of the things which happened to me before/at the time/after the water delivery. Nevertheless I continued watertraining of myself and my son for a few years against a lot of opposition
from 'doctors' and media, because I was doing it my way and not the way controlled by Reptilians. Here is a video, which is available for those who are interested and all the details how to get it are at the end of my story.

water delivery video

'Indigo children' (usually One-Timers) can read and understand at a very early age because they bring their memories with them, but we, humans, have to start from scratch with every new life. That is a powerful proof for me now, but not then. When I spiritually woke up, I was trying to share with Robert true Knowledge from the books I was reading, but he didn't want to listen: he was already turned into a machine, a Robot by the Controllers.
My carreer in media was completely ruined for good! It was the time of great depression for me. Inspite of all my efforts to protect him from Negatives, Robert was following my and my mother's pattern and became an Abductee , Mind - Controlled Sex Slave, a Remote -Viewer (a Spy), a Montauk Boy and had MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder). I didn't know then that that was Robert's Total Self's decision. Like Arizona Wilder, Robert wasn't doing well at school, like Cathy O'Brien, he didn't have close friends inspite of all his efforts. Aliens have been attacking both of us big time! Vaccinations also had devastating effects on Robert, which showed up later.
There is also one more, but favorite trick the Negatives use on awakening mothers. They trigger the mentally sick Alters of their children to show them up in front of the mothers, to give mothers constant emotional pain, keeping the bright and capable Alters to work for the Negatives and away from parents' observations. Each one of us has a variety of Alters of different capabilities and all of us have, at least one, crazy Alter. That crazy Alter makes mothers /fathers think that their child have a permanent brain damage from all the horrific things, which were done to the child. But the parents don't realize that there are other Alters their children have, mentally healthy and bright. There is also a huge group of helpers and healers on a higher level (we are visiting that level when falling asleep), who are constantly regenerating humans at night for a hard day on Earth (more on that in R.Monroe's "Far Journeys" and "Soul Journeys" by Rosalind McKnight). The Negatives were deceiving me this way for many years, keeping me upset and in a guilt state seeing the drastic change, which happened to my child in later years. The situation reminds me the dark side of the Moon! The dark site of the Moon is artificially turned away from us at all times, this way we would never see what is really going on the other side of the Moon (unless you astral travel there the way R.Monroe did).
This is what is happening to our children: only one side is turned to us - his/hers, artificially created, crazy Alter, the rest of our child we don't see.

The Moon is the biggest alien-human military base in existence; mind-controlling installations have been built there to control Humanity on Earth. There is so much material on Internet, which would tell you that. One I can recommend is the book called "Defending the Sacred Ground" by Alex Collier. Parts of it is on our link Alex Collier info , you can download all of it (the address is there).

I've taken Robert from school when he was 12 to avoid more compulsory vaccinations. That gave both of us freedom to explore East coast of Australia from Cape Tribulation (North Queensland) to lake Entrance (Victoria). I drove Robert by car for thousands of miles, two of us visited so many places when Robert was still a child. I love nature and wanted Robert to see it instead of sitting in a boring classroom for half of his years, the way I did.
Robert's Mind control showed nasty signs. One of the techniques Mind-Controllers use on him is called 'Gringer" and it's well described by Stephanie Relfe:

"After we removed these 20 commands, we also did deliverance on:
something in his mind called a ‘grinder’ which does a very low, continuous zap to other people at all times. A very low level energy vacuum, to suck energy off others (thereby making them not want to hang around him." Robert still has this "Grinder" and I don't know how to remove it, except him willingly becoming a Sun-eater.

Later I've been analizing: "Why most of my and Robert's life has been connected to water, even my husband's work?"
From 1995 to 2001 my husband was engaged with building and testing submarines in the Pacific and building Flight Simulators for airports. The administration at work was treasuring him for his many talents, precision, logic, hard work, organizational abilities and ability to handle all kinds of people. For some unknown reason me and Robert were allowed to have lunch with him at work. We also were allowed to see the Flight Simulator when it was ready.
But at home my husband was different (another Alter). I remember how difficult it was to insist on having electricity and the telephone line turned off over night to have a rest from it, till I succeded at last (he, a Master Degree in Electronics, was constantly against it). I was reading in R.Monroe's biography how apprehensive of professionals with diplomas Bob became in his later years. How stubborn in their not always right or noble views, sometimes, they were; how little practical and spiritual knowledge most of them had; how mind-controlled and selfish some of them have been. How hard it was for me to persuade my husband to buy and read powerful books or videos from USA and England for my Alternative research. He would always say :"We don't have money". But there were always money for entertainment and unnecessary things. He was an ultimate Mind-Controlled slave and lived always by the rules of society (even if it went against any logic).
Robert, as a child, was psychic and had a photographic memory, trained by aliens. Once I asked little Robert :" Why are you touching your penis all the time ? " Robert answered : "Because someone is constantly touching it ", but there was noone around (Low Astrals and humans, from a neighbouring dimension easily can do it and much more than that, using their ability not to be seen, being in another frequency). And I've noticed that many young and old males are doing the same, then I connected the dots. Looks like Low Astrals in the neighbouring dimension are preparing us for sex real early.

This was my first real syncronicity in 1994: I ran into a book with a face of a Grey on the cover. It was placed on the stand in front of a "Chemist" shop in our area of Castle Hill, Sydney. The name of the book was "Communion" by Whitley Strieber: that book started my research on UFO's and abductions .
In the end of 1995 I found out about Robert Monroe and started reading his books, then all 5 Montauk books by Peter Moon and everything I could get on Philadelphia Experement, then Alex Collier's "Defending the Sacred Ground" and all his lectures on video, all "Matrix" books edited by Val Valerian, David Icke's "The Biggest Secret", Cathy O'Brien's "Trance-Formation in America" and many other books. The more I've read the sicker to my stomach I would become. And I thought: "Why do aliens hate us so much? What have we done to them? All the authorities, teachers, governments were deceiving me all this time? How stupid I was to trust them! Why was I asleep? Things like "aliens eating us like we eat chicken" and a websites like www.manbeef.com would make me bedridden. In those days that website was selling human meat with recepies how to cook it (later they changed it to selling sex). I found the answers to my questions later myself. Like many others, I've been through most of the materials (books, magazines, videos and audio tapes, CD's, DVD's ) from Val Valerian's Leading Edge, Robert Monroe's Institute, William Buhlman's website, David Icke, Credo Mutwa, Arizona Wilder, William Cooper, Carlos Castaneda, Robert Moaning-Sky, Brice Taylor, Barbara Bartholic, "Inner Earth" magazine and all the books about Hollow Earth ,"Nexus" magazine and "Nexus" conferences and all kind of other workshops.
But I didn't be     LIEve that I could start my own website and that I have a lot to say: discouraging Wernicke's commands, installed into the Wernicke's part of my brain (secretly) have been doing a pretty good job to keep me asleep. My awakening made things worse: aliens, neighbours, my husband and my son, former ' friends' or just people everywhere were attacking me every day and I often was attacking them. My husband never believed a word I said about Robert's and my abductions and other things. Later I would read about the same situation with other people who was waking up and it was giving me a boost of energy to keep the struggle for my Awakening.

In 1995 all 3 of us flew to Los Angeles, hired a car and drove around all California with Disneyland and part of Nevada, Death Valley, Las Vegas (stayed in the Pyramid hotel), Mt. Shasta, Yocemite National Park , Lake Tahoe (all the favorite places of Illuminati, which I found out later), where Robert's mind-control have been reinforced behind my back. For some reason I was very interested in Death valley, but when we got there I was disappointed: there was nothing much to see there. On the way to Los Angeles I had food poisoning, I was so bad that I thought I would never see Australia again, but somehow managed to avoid hospitals. Food has been a favorite mind controlling factor used by Controllers on their slaves. Over the years I noticed how much I was manipulated through food.
In 1998 we went to South America: Argentina and Brasil. The reason was to see a 'famous Brasilian healer' who, we thought, could help my husband to restore his hearing, because I couldn't help him. That was a new experience for us.
I found an article about the 'healer' in "Nexus"magazine (subsidised by Rosacrutians), read a recommended book, watched the video on the subject, found Sydney person connected to the 'healer', who gave us very little information how to find the 'healer'.
We flew to Buenos-Aires first and then to Brasilian capital Brasilia (there were no direct flights from Australia to Brasil). The city felt very dry and very negative, like Canberra in Australia. Finally we found Abajiania, the village, in Central Brasil. 'Healing centre' devoted to Jesus was built next to it. Their winter was extremely hot with no natural running water, pretty much like deserts in outback of Australia instead of expected lush Amasonian vegetation. Couple of small hotels were built for the tourists like us. We were suppose to spend a week there and all we were doing was to stand in long queues to see 'the healer' and buy their 'blessed water'. Occasionally 'the healer' would demonstrate his 'talents' to the gullible people. The place felt very negative. In couple of days my husband's and Robert's behavior became strangly hostile towards me, like they've been possessed, hypnotised, programmed to do things, which I never saw them doing.

Then it dawned on me: the whole set up was for milking the energies and money from the sick and the last thing they wanted to have was someone like me. Everything looked like a fraud. The idea of kissing Jesus' picture and drinking their 'holy' water didn't appeal to me. George and Robert were steaming, didn't want to leave that place and it took me all my might to get them out of that shithole! I think they've lost part of their souls in that place: they've never been the same since.
Then we flew to Iguazu Falls (sounds like iguana), the biggest in South America. I was really impressed by the power of it. Wild racoon's of Iguazu Falls were so entertaining and so unusual for me. I maveled at their ability to walk on metal tubed fences without falling into the Fall. Feeding them with fruit was a real treat for me. The picture of the Falls was breathtaking! I had the same impression from Niagara Falls. Iguazu Falls is on the border with 3 countries: Brasil , Argentina and Paraguay. I saw working Minions, heaps of them (people with animal soul), on the border between Argentina and Paraguay. They looked like ants, walking one after another, like a chain, carrying some boxes on their backs over the bridge from one country to another, an endless flow of slaves. I got very unsettled, like it reminded me something, maybe myself, in the past life.
I remember Robert Monroe described this kind of people of South America. I forgot how they were called. Smoking was permited everywhere: planes, public transport, casinos, theatres, shows etc. I felt I was exposed to some electronic weapon and had trouble to breath. Narcotics were legal and very popular. The atmosphere of Brasil and Argentina felt negative and like in Russia: people's life had no value. The biggest river close to Buenos Aires was as filthy as a garbage tip. I was thinking how could people still survive in those places?

From 1996 to 2000 my husband was transfered to work in one of the coastal surburbs of Sydney. I used this opportunity to break the monotony of life in Castle Hill (I felt like I've been jailed in there) and went with him and Robert 2/3 times a week to explore Northern, Central, Southern and Eastern beaches of Sydney. That was a really good time. The beaches were magnificient! Robert and I would spend days and days of swimming, observing the locals, examining rock formations and remnants of alien civilizations of Lemuria near the ocean. I was surprised to find so much evidence there. Things like huge pieces of rocks welded together by rusting metal, rocky floors with geometric designs and other interesting findings right on the beach and not just in Sydney, but in most coastal and mountain areas of East of Australia. Thoughts were flooding my mind: "Why am I here and doing this explorations, maybe I'm somehow connected to these civilizations? Who left these marks and why noone writes about it in the magazines, books or newspapers?" These areas were totally different to where we lived.
Over the years I experienced a lot of poltergeist activity in our house, which we built with my husband. I thought that that could only happen in very old houses, but it seemed to follow us wherever we would go. Some invisible entities were constantly breaking things in front of my eyes (or making Robert or me to brake them 'accidently'), pushing with force me or Robert or doing other weird things. Robert and my husband have been mind manipulated to become my constant guilt generators of 'you are a bad mother' comments, dragging me back into the Game, which I didn't want to play. And I would tell them: "I am a bad mother/wife, then go and find a good one, the door is opened!" (what my mother used to say to me, when I called her a bad mother. The same programming). What I discovered later, that as a results of constant tortures we had in that house, a portal to another Universe has been created.
Aliens have been using the same tricks on all of us for generations.
Some writers described the same things, which have been done to them. That was a relief: I wasn't the only one in this situation. I had all the necessary material things, but it didn't make me happy and reading Monroe's books was like a remedy for me. I tried to go Astral with partial success. My arms or legs would float, but not my body, feeling that I was touched, pricked or squizzed at day and at night, feeling being dragged by the feet almost out of my body, someone invisible was pressing hard into my Heart or Crown chakras and simultaneously turning my energy body into a semicircle. I still don't know what it all means. I often have been stun-gunned into my 3rd Eye chakra before falling asleep with such a force, that my body would shake violently and the whole room would lit up for a moment. Sometimes I felt that someone was trying to use my vocal cords, because the words which were coming from my mouth were not my usual words (too sophisticated) and I still don't know whether it was one of my Alters or some entity trying to use me as a channelor. I used Monroe's Gateway a lot then and couldn't understand why others could and I couldn't go Astral? I envied them and was so upset that I could't meet R. Monroe, before his transition from this Earth. The same happened with other writers: Carlos Castaneda, William Buhlman etc.  By the time I was able to meet them they were either off this planet or the workshop would be cancelled for some unknown reason. "Why am I constantly late?" I was asking myself. That looked like a set up. Also, it wasn't always financially easy for me to travel from Australia to USA.


Part 7

I joined Monroe Institute as a member, got Gateway CD's and tried to persuade my husband to build a Check Unit at home because I couldn't afford to go to Monroe Institute at that time. But he built a floatation tank instead. The project failed, someone, definately, didn't like that the idea of a Check unit at our place. I connected to some of Australian members of Monroe Institute but eventually lost all the connections. My husband was constantly acting on me: some aliens (positive and negative) have the ability to mesmerise us and they would never give up!

I remember in 1996 all 3 of us had a colossal car accident on New England Hwy near a few ancient Pyramids on New England Hwy in NSW. We were moving from State of NSW to Queensland when my husband lost consciousness while driving in high risk zone of the Hwy and hit another car. Me and Robert miraculously had no real injuries, but my husband suffered the most: his head, leg and side had wounds. Our car was crushed beyond repair. The ambulance arrived twice and twice I had to sign the papers that I was my husband's personal doctor (though I never had an official diploma) and took full responsibilities for his treatment. As soon as we got to our Queensland's home I started applying compresses with his own urine and ozone. In 2 days George could walk with crutches and another 2 weeks without them. He was alright again without any intrusion of 'medical personel' or 'hospitals'! We both were amazed. Most of us don't believe in our own healing powers and I didn't till then. That gave me a lot of confidence.
I also loved dancing, esp. ballroom dancing to the point of obsession. Being tall and looking like a man (often) it was hard for me to find a partner and, finally, I did. And as usual I had to become a coach and a leader in dancing (though a male suppose to be the leader in ballroom dancing, but often it's a female (reminds me "Daffny, you are leading again!" the role Jack Lemmon played in "Some like it Hot"). I couldn't help it: it was in my blood. I remember how, after many months of training, my parther and I went to a Russian Ball in Sydney to see how Russians party and to dance. We had a big success there.   

Council's meetings in 1999-2000, Castle Hill, Sydney, NSW (state of New South Whales) and Public Forum on Cloning of Human Beings on 29 March, year 2000 in Can-beer, capital of Ass-tralia.

I know now that problems we all experiencing are created for us, to overcome them, to build ourselves up and win/graduate this Game. But in 1999 I was still heavily involved with the Game. I learn as I go.
This is an interesting case, which helped me to make a gigantic step in my personal evolvement. 

We had a lot of trouble with the local Council. The land we bought was a part of an easement for the creek, part of a buffer zone in case of flood and we didn't know it. This block was illegally approved for sale by the Council and being sold to us (me and my boyfrind and future husband). We were naive and didn't know about buffer zones then and built our dream home on a steep bank of a creek. Life in Sydney and life in our house were becoming a nightmare with rapid expansion of suburbs around us. Each time I would come to the Council and ask about a buffer zone which was supposed to divide our, very narrow, strip of residential land from industrial zone on the other side of our house, the council officers would get confused and fearful: because we were that buffer between residential and industrial zones.
The Council was across the road of our house. Later I found out about many other dirty deals corrupted councils of Sydney were doing.
Once George and I were puzzled to learn that our house was considered NON-EXISTENT for 15 years, inspite of us paying Council's fees every year. We found out about it at the Waterboard (gov. organization in charge of water supply of Sydney) by accident, when we wanted to get license for a bore on our land. The 'mistake' was immidiately corrected. Our house was approved by the Council many years before that incident. After 20 years our house nearly collapsed into the creek: the Council didn't allow us to built a retaining wall in the creek to stop the erosion of the bank where the house was built, conviniently forgetting that it was built in Buffer Zone for the creek.
For us it felt like a set up created by the Council to torture us. They created a cul-de-sac, pushed us into the corner. There was no way back for me, but to go forward and start fighting the Council (against my husband's will, he had undescribable fear of authorities). That struggle turned from the personal matter into a political one (surprisingly for me).
 I gained a lot of knowledge from reading alternative materials by 1999 and became more confident in understanding the political situation on Earth. Knowledge is Power, how very true! It gave me the power correct the injustice done to us. My husband learned how true humans can fight modern plagues. The heavy Mind-Control was broken and I started doing the technique "you walk, you talk" (Alex Collier suggestion), giving people a hint of what you are reading about. After collecting enough evidence and remembering things which were happening to me, my son

and others like us.
I had an appointment with the Local Member of the Parliament (MP) first. The door was kept opened and his secretaries could listen to our conversation (they were sacked later). I told him about being abducted, about constant use of my body for sex slavery and for production of fetuses, I told him about human meat for sale, about dishonest  actions of local council and much more. I asked him what he was going to do about it? His face became white:
I thought he was having a stroke, but he quickly recovered looking very frightened. Scared of me? I didn't expect that: I had no gun, just papers proving a few things! He said that he couldn't do anything about it. Then I went to see our Federal MP and told him about Reptilians eating our children, about aliens raping us as little children in order we would rape each other in the future and other things and if he could do something about it. And the same thing happened again: an expression of fear and confusion on his face. Then I realized that both MPs knew and participated in
the things I told them about. They knew that long before I turned up in their offices. They wouldn't occupy positions they had otherwise. I was still a naive Lightsider. But one thing is when you read about it in the books and another thing is when you experience it.
The pressure from the Council on us became even greater. They wanted us to vanish from the face of the Earth, but my Total Self had other plans.

During Council's meetings people who had problems with their Councils had an opportunity to present them in writing as well as in a form of a speech at one of their meetings with public. It is all a theatre for a gullible public. Well, our problem was presented in writing (my husband) and in speech form (me). I had to overcome stage fright and an emotion of hopelessness. While giving a speech I made an interesting observation. When I was talking about our personal matter, the material thing (the house), there was an absolute silence in the audience of about 70 people. It felt like being in the vacuum, no reaction, like I was talking to nobody (strange feeling) and that made no effect on anyone.
I couldn't understand what was happening. Like something different was expected from me and I didn't do it.
But as soon as I started speaking to the audience about Reptilians and them eating us, like we eat cows, everything changed: I felt life around me again, the audience woke up, the mayor and his helpers were shouting to stop me from speaking, the microphone was getting hiccups. But I tried to shout as much as I could. At moments like this I don't feel any fear, instead I get an enjoyment and encouragement out of it. I noticed that I was making speeches at the Council better without the fear of my husband. Later I was amazed that nothing happened to me and I wasn't put to jail. At home I started getting dreams of doing the same in other dimensions: shouting about Reptilians at Councils. It was like a Ripple Effect. Then I remembered my mother. She was doing similar things in Russia only I went a bit further: from personal to political.
My fear of any Parliament/Council and other political organizations has evaporated overnight! After a few of such speeches Council satisfied our demands. They even built a retaining wall at their expense, allowing us to sell our place and move to Queensland permanently. I gained a lot of experience as a result of this struggle.

I remember straight after one of the Council's meetings I was talking to a big group of kindergarten teachers of our area in front of Baulkham Hills Shire Council chambers. I told them about Reptilian invasion of our planet and that aliens rape and eat our children alive. I was astonished by the total indifference and hostility of this group of these alien 'women'  except one female. I know that female was a human female, because her reaction to my words was a shock. Emotional torture was written all over her face. It looked like I triggered some of her memories. That moment it dawned on me: most of females who were working in kindergartens were of foreign energy, not my energy. And what I was reading in  "The Biggest Secret" and other books was true! And it's not just happenning in the former Soviet Union, England or USA! It's happening all over the World including Australia.
In year 2000 our Federal member of the Parliament published an ad in the local paper about Public Forum on Human Cloning in March (year 2000) in Canberra with an invitation for everyone to attend and give a speech. That was the final Forum (after a similar Forum in every State's capital of Australia). Well, I decided to attend and give a speech on the subject (I've learnt a bit about cloning by then). My husband was against this idea, but didn't want me to go alone  (without his supervision). Robert was interested and joined us (though quickly disappeared from the Main Hall of the Parliament when I was giving the speech, to be reprogrammed behind my back). When, at the Parliament House, I was surprised to see a familiar face of our Federal MP and tried to talk to him during a break, but he was running away from me, kind of hiding among people (looking scared). I was puzzled: I didn't mean any harm. There were lots of people at the Forum: 15 MPs at the long table, many scientists, doctors, clergymen, representatives of different companies interested in manufacturing clones, financial reps, legal profession, journalists and just people interested in the subject.
I prepared a speech, but some electronic attack was used on me to prevent me from talking in the Hall. This destructive energy was so overwhelming, that I couldn't memorise what I had written, I couldn't concentrate and the time was quickly coming to the end of the Forum. My husband was doing his share of disruption. I was the last speaker.
Then I ignored the written material and said things which I didn't expect myself saying: about our Creative Powers , that there was nothing we couldn't do (R. Monroe), about why we came to Earth and where we were going after, that we were immortal, that we really didn't need Clones and other negative things. The speech was spontanious! And that is exactly what aliens and those who are helping them are scared of : Spontaniaty! I didn't speak about Reptilians this time, though I knew that the Parlament was full of them. I'm sure that most of the people in the Hall at the Forum were non-numans. At least the audience didn't try to stop me from speaking, I didn't have to shout and nobody was shouting at me this time !
In a few months we managed to sell our place and
             left Sydney (NSW) for Queens-land , where we bought some land on Eastern coast near nudist male beach. It was also next to Turtle rookery (part of National park), where big sea turtles were laying their eggs. Our block of land had a circle of enormous rocks with a rectangular flat rock in the centre, it was big enough for a couple of humans to lie on. It looked to me like a forsaken, sacrificial site of the past. I didn't like the idea and with a help of a bulldozer had it dismantled. Low Astrals were definately not happy about my idea and the Hell broke lose: another fight with a local council. This Council was full of Reptillian females (I didn't know it then) and mind-controlled neighbours started giving us constant troubles. I planned to organize a spiritual centre. But everything from the start was manipulated into a failure and I thought: " Why? Wherever we move we are attacked by councils, neighbours or just people around us? And wherever we were searching for a new place, nothing felt right in terms of energy? "I didn't know then that Queensland was a Reptilian State, occupied mostly by aliens and Australian language sometimes reminded me some Reptilian dialect (depends who is speaking to you in Australian). Many times in Queens-land areas I heard how Reptilians talked to each other on a tennis court or at the Market when they were in a state of fear to be recognized. The same language was used by my son when his body was occupied (posessed) by Low Astrals and that Astral being (not my son) would give us a scandal.
I knew from R.Monroe books that we never die and life on higher density was much more interesting and rewarding.
I felt tired of constant struggle with everyone (inc. Robert) and started losing interest in life, which ended up with an unsuccessful attempt to suicide. I thought that drowning would be an ideal choice: the ocean was next door. I had no experience of how to suicide by drowning: I needed a manual. I swam further into the ocean from male nudist beach, but forgot to tie a rock to my neck, didn't want to return to the shore and started drinking water to become heavier     (usually I float like a cork). I spend an hour drinking salty water and trying to sink to the bottom (but the water was leaving me through the bladder), till I got very cold on a hot sunny day. I got bored and swam back to the shore only to find a naked man with erected penis standing in water and smiling at me. It made me disgusted and to run into the bush.

Now that incident makes me laugh (and, perhaps, my Total Self too). To my surprise it's not easy to die. That proved me one thing: if your Total Self doesn't want you to die, you wouldn't, no matter how much you try.
After many years of being a Lightsider and sharing my Knowledge with others who were not ready for it I finally gave up. I didn't know anything about the Law of Allowence and the Law of Attraction in 2001.
My husband was more of a Lightsider and Robert was becoming more of a Darksider. I didn't have anyone to share my knowledge with, it felt like living in the vacuum. I always hoped how nice it would be if all 3 of us evolve together.
How very alien this idea was! Everyone is different and has their own pace and time of Graduation from a Game like that, which I found about the hard way.
One positive output of those years was that I've learnt how to explain the most complex ideas in the most simple form in English and in Russian .

Since we moved from Sydney to Queensland's East coast after the age of 17 Robert's body and memory started rapidly deteriorating. It could be a multiple reason : the result of the replacement of the natural physical body with a cloned one and with only a part of his soul, the constant tortures from aliens during abductions, detrimental effects of vaccinations, like triple antigen (when he was just a tiny baby) and also the place we moved to. This part of East coast of Queensland is so damaged by past nuclear explosions that remnants of ancient fortresses are of charcoal colour (black). Fused together, melted and then cooled rocks are thrown all over this region. There is so much radioactivity coming from this place. Only Reptilians can flourish here and there are heaps of them around. In 8 years living here my and Robert's bodies became deformed.
We tried to sell the house and move out of this area, but again some negative force was interfering with our plans: it was impossible to sell the house; the history was repeating itself (like in Castle Hill, Sydney). But it must be the reason why I'm still here.


Part 8

Elliott Heads were we settled down is an Anomaly place: the result of ancient nuclear explosions of the East Coast of Australia  (see more info on our link  Anomalous Events  on this website).
In 2001, in Elliott Heads I saw 2 suns: one was setting down behind the fields as usual; the other one, a Ghost Sun turned up 20 min later just above East coast of Pacific ocean in Queensland, where we moved. The sun above the ocean looked like a huge light blue circle of a ghost sun with blue rays in the form of wide, separate strips radiating from the centre with an empty spot in the centre) on pinkish-lilac background. You can see something like that on a painting maybe. IT WAS SPECTACULAR! My husband and Robert saw that too. That lasted for 10-15 min. And later it happened again in the same place a few times. I was wondering if anyone else saw what I've seen. Maybe it was Sun of 4th Density or one of parallel realities? I still don't know how to explain it. The same happened with moons. I saw 2 Moons and showed them to my son, but I don't remember exact year, only know that it was after year 2000. It looked so artificial, like in a movie. I also have seen the Fabric of Time in Elliott river mouth.
In that very powerful for me year 2002 my family (3 of us) took a World trip , 9 countries: Darwin - the capital of Northern Territory (State of Australia), Bali-Indonesia, Singapore, Russia, Finland, Ireland, England, Canada, USA, New Zealand. We never done it before and were very excited about it. Strangely enough Robert didn't want to go, like he sensed something bad in advance, but my husband insisted (I was wondering why? Maybe because positive aliens like to do everything together, compare to us, who, quite often have to do many things alone). By reconstructing these 3 month's journey I was trying to see the signs of my progress as a result of the unbearable stress.
First stop was in Darwin. There is a new movie now called "Australia" which is worth watching. In 2002 that place felt very negative to us. By chance, near Darwin, in National Park's waterhole we met a group of Russian males led by a young couple: male and female. They were military personel only without uniforms. I was so happy to speak to Russians and told them a few things about aliens. Immidiately their behavior changed. They became reserved, this is so typical of Russians who are here on an assignment. What they told me, that they've been transporting military forces from country to country and a duty of the Jewish couple was to watch these people and the operations and report to their bosses. I thought: " That's interesting! Could they belong to special forces I was reading so much about?"
Things have changed. To have a female, and also a Jewish one as a leader of Russian males was unthinkable in USSR 40 years ago.
Next stop was Bali (Indonesia). We landed at night (this is so common to the tropical regions), which made me think that that was the reason, because aliens were hiding a lot of stuff in the ocean, which can't be seen at night. The hotel we booked and payed in advance was dreadful and I didn't hesitate to tell the owner about it. I don't know why but he was scared of me like hell. I was surprised to see so many statues devoted to reptilian Gods (more than in Europe), they were all over the place. Indonesians don't kind of hide, that they worship Reptilians in their real form. We hired a driver to show us around the island. Minions (these humans with animal souls, sometimes, they can be unbearable, depends what their microchips are triggering them to do). With their souvenirs for sale, they were pestering us everywhere till I put a stop to it by screaming at them. The driver told me that I was merciless, even cruel, towards those 'poor' people for not buying their useless souvenirs. Then, for the first time, I replied that I had both sides in me: positive and negative. The terror was written all over his face: he looked at me like I was a Dragon. That was significant: these words coming from me for the first time amazed me, because they meant Balance, but the idea of Balance seems shocking to many humans, which I found later. Coming closer to Balance made me very happy. Now I realise that there was a connection between Secret Societies' members, they made sure that we would be attacked in every possible way and we were and not just in Bali, but through the whole journey. Then we visited Russia and Finland were bizarre mindcontrolling techniques were used on me and Robert driving us out of our minds. Next stop was England, London.

After reading the book and watching a video "Alternative 3" I was a bit worried about Hiss-throw airport in London where people always had troubles or disappearing all together. It is an Anomaly place like Pine 'Gap' in Australia.
I always tried to avoid Heathrow airport as much as I could, but the flights there were arranged specifically to make some people to disappear into other timelines, so to get from Ireland to Toronto (Canada) we had to go via England, and change planes in London, because we were told that there were no straight flights. Plane from Dublin to London was a bit late, but we still could get on the plane to Toronto where our luggage was sent. We were refused to board the plane and asked to wait in another Terminal. The situation was annoying. The terminal, the female at the counter, the interiour of that building looked odd, there were NO PEOPLE, no any other personel in this very busy airport.
I thought how strange the whole situation was! It felt like it was deliberatory staged for us, but why?

Hiss-throw airport has a few Terminals some parts are very old, some are new. Everybody heard about a building of a new Terminal 5 section in that airport later and a mess they had there for many days: this is not new. As usual, I had to play a role of my husband's and my son's protector and a saviour and take everything into my hands. Someone was playing tricks with us: we were sent from Terminal to Terminal for couple of hours, then asked to wait for a few hours in this unimaginable chaos. Then, all over sudden, we were told to rush to the last plane to Toronto for that day. Reminds me modern unnerving hick ups at the airports all over the world (for humans, but not for aliens), when people are discouraged to fly by selling them unrelable tickets, days' waiting and sleeping at the Terminals, sudden closure of airlines, refusal to return money for the tickets, loss of luggage, money or documents and other prearranged problems.
When we reached the Terminal we discovered that the passengers of ALL FLIGHTS had to go through ONE CHECK POINT. I've never seen anything like this in such a busy airport. That created a very long queue looking like a huge herd of cows and made everyone very nervous. First, the handles of our luggage were smeared with some kind of jello
(I thought it was either biological or chemical weapon). Then the queue had to split into 2 lines to get through the next 2 security points. We had very little time to catch the last plane. The fork separated us: I went with Robert into one line, but my husband moved alone to another one for the examinations of ourselves and our hand luggage. In this crazy situation, while collecting the hand luggage, he forgot his wallet with all our tickets, money and documents in one of the x-ray machines. But we noticed it too late. Meantime we were galloping miles through the tunnels full of people like 3 mad cows, just to get in time for the plane. And when we finally reached the Departure Gate, we discovered the loss of the tickets and I sent my husband and Robert to run back the same distance to the check point hoping to find the lost wallet (I was a slower runner). But after waiting for sometime I decided to run back in the same direction. I've lost both of them, but reached the same check point. When I asked one of security officers about the wallet with our tickets, money and documents, he said that he'd never seen it. I was devastated! Then that same sense of hopelessness I experience occasionally. I thought that it was the end of the world, that we lost everything and sure that we missed plane again. My emotions reached the peak and I started screaming and ran to find a superviser. He sent me back to the security officer who was holding our wallet in his hands. The same place seemed a bit different though. I didn't have time to waste and ran back finding my husband  and Robert 'by miracle'. Then, again 'by miracle' we got on the plane to Toronto. When I looked at the watch: the whole 'incident' took 15-20 min., which was impossible. Running alone would've taken a couple of hours! Later it dawned on me: maybe someone was using my emotions to create another parallel time line in which the wallet was lost and made all 3 of us to jump from one timeline to another. I thought: "Don't we have enough of them (timelines)? Why do aliens need more of them, if Parallel Timelines would have to come to the main timeline by the end of the Planetary Game any way?"
In Toronto, Canada we visited Niagara Falls, which was unforgetable. It was a dream comes true for me, because nothing would impress me so much, but the power of water.
Mind Controllers continue to drive us totally insane, especially in the airports of major cities.
In Los Angeles, on the day of departure Robert (a Montauk boy) was doing crazy things on Venice Beach (one of the most weird, negatively charged places of USA, though it's hard to detect it). He had a habit to insist on swimming in the ocean at the day of the departure, no matter what. Then he was abducted and reappeared totally crazy when it was almost too late to board the plane. Robert was constantly saying at the airport that he wanted to suicide by opening the door in the plane (suicidal commands after the abduction), making everyone very nervous, especially us. After the fight with the Councils and my speech at the Parliament House I was on the list, so it didn't surprise me at all that policemen were intimidating me in the plane and at the airport. I didn't like it. All three of us were taken of the flight. The main blow was directed into me, threats continued, but I wasn't behaving the way they wanted me to behave: shake from fear! We were told that without a medical evaluation stating that Robert was sane enough to fly, the authority wouldn't let Robert to fly to Australia. Eventually we ended up in the airport hotel (the place felt like Hell). I was so pissed off with Robert's behavior that the next morning I told the medical authorities that they could keep Robert in Los Angeles forever, that I didn't need him. They didn't expect such a turn of events, they though that as a mother I was addicted to my son and I would do anything in order to keep him with me. Robert was 17 already. But there is a limit to any patience! To my total surprise, as soon as I said that, psychiatrist quickly gave a written permission saying that Robert was fit to fly. It wasn't difficult to connect the dots: Robert's mind manipulation was coming from the same source and with the same goal: to break my Spirit through my son's crazy behaviour. I thought that, Robert, I gave birth to, was exchanged for a clone with a part of the original soul, I didn't know anything about Alters then. Not to have Robert as a spy and a torturer for me would've been unthinkable for Secret Society members. Having Robert and my husband to drag me back into the Game was ideal for the NWO and those who are helping them (I was thinking then). It seemed that aliens were surprised that I no longer had connection to my son and my husband and stopped being their savior, that made it harder for them to manipulate me through them. All through the rest of the journey I was observing the most bizarre behavior of a human: my son. The purpose was to show me what they, the Low Astrals were capable of doing.  The list is to long to mention, but nevertheless we safely came back to Australia.

That trip, probably, was one of the most distinct changes in the pattern of my life. I was 56 years of age then. I chose a Rocky road .
In 2003 I finished reading the first (blue) version of M 5 and what was surprising that in a few months I completely forgot about what I've read in it (the result of mind control).
I noticed that a part of the programming is to make us to do nasty things to friends, relatives or just people (by the use of arificially created negative Alters, so we would be carring that guilt for many years and it would be harder for us to spiral out of the Game. I had that guilt for years, but not anymore.
I was used in 'Love Bite' experiments, without me knowing that (for more info about this kind of experiments see our link  Eve Lorgen info ). Years later in Australia I read in Eve Loren's book: " Tagging experience of an abductee takes the form of an actual injection or inserted tracer (implant), which as a ritualistic 'bite' much like an insect or a snake bite and leads to changes of the person's normal relationships, of their metabolism, of life force, of their mental state and brainwaves especially after several abductions in many years or in vivid dreams with all kind of interactions: verbal, physical, sexual". I also didn't know that the same could happen to homosexual - lesbian couples and that often only one partner would remember the meeting (the other might not) and when meeting in real life they would have an instant sense of recognition and 'falling in love' and than one of the partners would be switched off, causing the other one going crazy. That made a lot of sense to me. l had plenty of it with my boyfriends. And not just that. I've seen so many people around me were going through the same tortures (inc. my huband and my son). This subject have been very popular in the movies and books of different cultures. According to Eve Loren's observations first, the connection was like 'soul immersion', then it would turn into mental exhaustion and plain stupidity: memory loss, obsession, jealozy and posessiveness, loss of self-esteem and desire to please the partner by dressing better, putting make-up on, having a plastic surgery or doing things for him. 'Love' affairs were nothing but insertion of a tagging implant into my physical body and transporting a small amount of my auric energy into an auric energy field of a male (during abduction of both of us) to make a male to be crazy about me. Or to do the same to a male: take a bit of his auric energy and insert it into my auric energy field to make me crazy about that male. The materials I've read on the subject and TV series " Taken " in 2006 helped me to understand the situation.
I started reading "Matrix 5" Golden edition in 2004 and learned from that book and "Handbook for a New Paradigm" the difference between watcher and observer. I definately wasn't a watcher. Watcher prefers to stay in the Game, observer is trying to spiral out of it. I was definately spiraling out of it. Watcher is passive, but doesn't hesitate to use the observations for playing in the Game. Observer is active and trying to use the observations for personal growth.
I found it great, because I was already doing it!


Part 9


In 2003 all three of us went to David Icke's conference to Brisbane, which was organized in the most negative part of the city - central University. I love listening to David Icke's audiocassettes, he makes me laugh. And I also find his books and videos a tremendous help, but the frase "I love the Queen" in "The Biggest Secret" was a bit contradictory to what he wrote in that book. It was good to have someone of his calibre giving a lecture in isolated Australia. The conference was very successful: there were a lot of people there. But what I later realised, that this conference took place in one of Parallel Universes.
Many times in my later years I found that people scared of me for no reason (like now they are scared of Robert for just looking at girls). I connected the dots: wernicke's commands inserted in Robert's and other people' s brains; this is a very powerful technique used in mind control. I had nothing against people and later turned it into having fun. Now I know why: because I was surrounded by aliens without knowing it, they were scared of me. They very well knew who I was, but I, for most of my life, thought they were humans just like me. I learned how much pain they can give you by doing many nasty things to you or simply by touching you at energetic points. But that is a part of the Planetary Game. 
I've read somewhere that for a Scorpio sex is one of the most difficult loops to overcome. That's exactly right! I still have no knowledge of Astrology and, like Robert Monroe, have no desire to spend time on it. I lived a lot of time in a female's body and naturally know more how to live and what to expect from living in a female's body (than in a male body).
After many years of observing these things in life I came to conclusion that aliens are afraid of gifted psychic females, because these females know how to distinguish an alien from a human. I was always wondering why human females mature faster than males, why their bodies are usually more tolerant to hardships and pain, why are they more psychic overall compare to human males? A male is a 'giver of life' according to Matrix 5 author, but what role an awakened human female is playing in life than? And again, according to Matrix 5 author, females are live incubators for fetuses and nothing else. This ideology smelled like Sirian propaganda, supported by all negatives: alien and human.
I know that aliens would do everything in their power to destroy sexual chakra in human females, to make sure that these particular females would not see the Game for what it is, not be able to see and feel the difference between an alien and a human. Alien attention has always been concentrating on the destruction of females' womb (the area of the sexual chakra): either removing it surgically or at least making it numb or painful by inserting metal objects or michrochips into the womb or having abortions/miscarriges. The best solution for NWO to achieve desirable results is to create Mind-controlled Sex- Slaves out of the most psychic children, to promote: sex with human/alien of the opposite gender (often with Reptilian males), marriages, pregnancies, abortions, giving birth to children, creating miscarrages and periods.
I was thinking : "We know from wars through the history of our planet: what would human males do after the slaughter of other males? Rape all human females and their daughters, especially young ones and not just once, to destroy the ability of the womb (sexual chakra) to work as an antenna. Human males have been raised to act violently.
This is my observation: periods (menstrual cycles) and miscarriages in females are artificially induced states !!! They are not natural, they are the results of constant alien interference with the wombs to get fetuses out once or twice a month and to destroy sexual chakras of all human females to stop them from SEEING, starting from 5 to11 years of age.
Even some alien females in human bodies could have periods! Human females are considered hens or cows by negatives, to milk them of their energies. We are getting eggs from chooks, aliens are getting fetuses and vital energies from human  females. I know that from my personal experience.

Being a future Graduate, I was obviously heavily involved in abduction scenario as well as my mother, sister, brother and my son. I sleep alone in the room since 17 and I've been noticing triangular marks, scoops, needle punctures, ulsers, inflammations, bruises, scars and burn marks on my body and in my mouth, tongue and teeth appearing
overnight for all my life. That would make anyone think even if the most of the memory is erased. Well, all my spiritual chakras were completely destroyed. I was heavily programmed to have heterosexual relationships for all of my life in this body, except for the last 8 years, when I finally overcame that loop, but the destruction is still continues. Negatives don't want me to see the developments on planet Earth.

You can/could talk about Germans, Russians, Chinese, English, Americalns and other nations freely, but not about Jews. Why?
When I lived in Russia I was surprised to see one Jewish member in my family among non Jews in my family.
My mother managed to keep him away from us. But when I finally moved into my own flat he rang me up to offer me 'help' in arranging the things for me and that was strange (after 20 years of absence). He fell down on the floor with the ladder trying to nail a picture on the wall. He didn't hurt himself, but was pretty shaken. I couldn't stop laughing. I've never seen him ever again. Now I know that My Higher Self arranged that, to get rid of another handler.

I've noticed pretty early that all through my life: me and my family were surrounded by Jews, like we were a magnet for them, who would often bring us a trouble. I counted about a hundred of Jews, who's been trying to become my personal handler and through the books I found that I was not the only one whom Jews have been constantly monitoring. I was always surprised why a news article in Russia or abroad can critizise any nationality in the World, but hardly ever Jews (negative aliens often chose Jewish and Arien bodies to incarnate). They would create a world's hurricane!
I've been watching their behaviour in the USSR for years (and even now) and came to the conclusion that their 'Fame' is well justified. 99% of them is still the same like hundrens years ago: overly religious on the surface, dominiring, selfish, greedy for everything physical, material and for power/control in any form. They penetrated all the religions and societies. It was always like Jews were separate from anyone else. Their desire to dominate everyone else in the USSR (and even now, in modern Russia) was never approved by Russians and other nationalities living in other Republics.
(I can't say that all Jews are that way, the same I say that not all Reptilians are that way: Service to Self. There is a tiny percentage of the renegade, which I hope will increase with Earth Changes). But they are not the only race of 'Chosen People'. White Arian race also consider themselves 'Chosen People' and I've seen and read about a lot of negative stuff coming from them also. Out of curiosity I've read a few articles about Jews 'Chosen people' and parts of their Talmud (Jewish bible) and found Talmud very Reptilian oriented. Hardly any race loved Jews in the former Soviet Union and made jokes about their behavior and the reason for that was: their alien behaviour, STS - Service to Self. Jews have been like a separate caste in every nationality of former Soviet Union (more than 50 nationalities with their own languages). It is hard to find an honest Jew. Over the years I've been puzzled to find hundreds of Jewish and Arien children born in non Jewish  and non Arien families, but in the families of other nationalities and white race (Arien?) children to be born in Jewish families and on the contrary: Jewish children being born in Arien families. Blending Jews with other nationalities was to make other nationalities to be more tolerant towards Jews and their dealings. 
Reminds me a parasitic bird cuc - koo , who makes other birds to raise its nestlings, by throwing other birds' eggs out of their nests and placing its own egg into them. It was almost impossible to find in the former Soviet Union a Jewish soldier, bricklayer, streetsweeper, toilet cleaner and the like; but there were/are plenty of not very bright generals, actors, artists, musicians, bankers, judges, media/industry controllers, doctors or politicians.
That gave Jews a head start to penetrate all countries and take control of them financially. Noone in the world has been able to critizise Jews without being punished somehow, why?
Most of Australian politicians also have Jewish faces, why? I've seen it with my own eyes! More than 50 years of propaganda of 'Jews were the only nation murdered in concentration camps during WW 2' made me nearly vomit and many believed this outright lie. The Holocast fairy tale is still constantly on TV to promote pity for Jews, but when Jews go to Israel for a holiday, they themselves would write what a good time they had there: the food, the entertainment, the hotels and the Mediterranian sea beaches!
10 years ago I thought :"What hypocrites! How do Jews manage to fool the World for so long , sucking the money from other nations for their personal gain, building Israel armies with the help of USA and fighting the whole world?"
Each time I would open the biggest Webster's dictionary with pictures in it and I find only Jewish faces of the most 'significant' people in the history of the Humankind looking at me. Why? Don't we have heroes of other nationalities who deserves being included into this dictionary? That is how I thought then, but now I look at it more like a game.

Another observation. There is an identical behavior of most of Russian Jewish females and American Jewish females especially in New York (I've been there 3 times) and this is the pattern of an Orionized female, which spreaded all over USA and most of the World. I know that from my own experience: I (one of my Alters) was imitating Jewish (Orionized) behaviour for many years myself, till I finally broke that loop! How can you talk about these things if you never experienced it yourself? That is why I am talking about it now and I know that millions would agree with me.
And, as usual, the Jews penetrated Igor Charkovsky's movement. They were heavily involved in 'helping' the Russian leader, but never delivered underwater themselves.
Why can we talk officially about other nationalities and still can't talk about Jews especially these days? Why are they so fucking special, I thought? Having full support of Orion Empire they (and members of secret societies) can do whatever Reptilian Empire wants them to do. After I made a thorough analysis I was shocked to see that all my life I was surrounded by Jews (human, alien) constantly monitoring, programming and interfering with my life in different disguises. And not just with me with other members of my family: my mother, brother, sister and my son. I personally can distinguish them among white Nordic races like Swedes, English, French, German, Russians, white Americans and Australians, but I'm not capable to differ them from Asian, Arab, Indian, South American, African, Aborigine, American Indians etc.
I was always wondering why Princess Ann and Prince Charles looked so Jewish? American Hollywood has been always financially in the hands of Jews, providing 'wonna be actors/actresses' Jews with jobs and the Media has been flooded with Jews, who, very rarely was/is a good actress/actor, though they have been trying to make the world beLIEve how 'brilliant' and 'gifted' they were/are compare to other races. None of their paintings had any true value, but often sold at auctions for millions of dollars. The same applies to their music: little, what they composed has any value, but often to make themselves to be wor-sheeped, they would stick their name to the work of someone else. I remember been exposed to boring, greyish revolutionary, communist's songs written by hundreds of Jewish 'composers/poets/singers' for 30 years. There was no life in their 'art'. You need to gain deep emotions and painful experiences to be brilliant in Arts, but that is exactly what they don't like and don't want. Even their 'famous' Einstein was not liked by Tesla and many scientists found a lot of false information propagated by  Enstein. Tesla done so much and anybody hardly knows him, Einstein, onthe contrary done very little and became a household name. You open lots of books physics or other subjects and you will read constant references: Einstein said this or Einstein wrote that, like he is the smartest man on Earth, which is far from the Truth. Apart from that there is a book about Einstein, where the author is writing about Einstein's wife, who was also a Physisist, whose ideas were used by her husband. These facts will be known to everyone pretty soon, because noone would be able to pretend in the place we are going to.
It's still the Game and it is still on, but not for long. I used to be cranky with Jews, but not any more: I am a stage higher now.
There is a good website: http://www.shanghai-jews.com , the page devoted to history of settlement of Jews in Shanghai, China before, during and after the World War 2. The way Jews settled in China was the same way they settled everywhere. And I repeat, that I know that maybe our Higher Selves have Jews as their parts, as they have some alien parts.
Today I saw an article about  Jews dealings on Internet,  Australian Bigpond and posted here for you to read:


Pope Must Clarify Holocaust Stance


Wednesday, February 04, 2009 01:25pm

German Chancellor Angela Merkel called on Pope Benedict XVI to make a 'very clear' rejection of Holocaust denials after a former bishop was rehabilitated by the Vatican.
Her rare and public demand came amid increasing outrage among Germany's Roman Catholic leaders over the Pope's decision to lift the excommunication of British-born Richard Williamson, who questioned whether six million Jews were gassed during the Nazi Holocaust.
Merkel said she 'does not believe' there has been adequate clarification of the Vatican's position on the Holocaust amid the firestorm of controversy that broke out after Williamson's rehabilitation by the German-born pope.
Benedict last week expressed 'full and indisputable solidarity' with Jews and warned against any denial of the horror of the Holocaust, but several leading German bishops have decried the German-born Pope's decision and called for Williamson's rehabilitation to be revoked.
'I do not believe that sufficient clarification has been made,' Merkel said.
The Vatican moved quickly to counter Merkel's suggestion.
'The Pope's thinking on the subject of the Holocaust has been expressed very clearly,' said Vatican spokesman Reverend Federico Lombardi.
He cited Benedict's visit to a synagogue during his first visit to Germany as Pope in 2005, a visit to Auschwitz in 2006 and his remarks during last week's general audience.
Lombardi quoted from what he called the Pope's 'unequivocal words' at that public audience.
'I hope that the memory of the Shoah leads humanity to reflect on the unpredictable power of evil when it conquers the heart of men,' he quoted the pope as saying.
'May the Shoah be a warning for all against oblivion, against denial or reductionism.'
Lombardi said that during the audience 'the Pope himself clearly explained the purpose of lifting the excommunication, which has nothing to do with any legitimisation of positions denying the Holocaust, which were clearly condemned' by Benedict.
The issue is particularly sensitive in Germany, where denial of the Holocaust is a crime and Roman Catholic leaders have worked hard to restore relations with the Jewish community.
As a young man in Germany, Benedict, then called Joseph Ratzinger, served briefly in the Hitler Youth corps.
Cardinal Karl Lehmann, the bishop of Mainz, called for an apology from 'a high level'.
'There must also be consequences for those who are responsible for this,' Lehmann said in an interview with broadcaster Suedwestfunk of the decision to rehabilitate Williamson.
Williamson was consecrated by the late ultraconservative Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre without papal consent.
The Holy See has said that removing the excommunication did not imply the Vatican shared his views.
Williamson, in an interview broadcast last month on Swedish state television, said historical evidence 'is hugely against six million Jews having been deliberately gassed in gas chambers as a deliberate policy of Adolf Hitler'.
He cited what he called the estimates of the most serious revisionists that 'between 200,000 and 300,000 perished in Nazi concentration camps, but not one of them by gassing in a gas chamber.'

There is an article from "The Daily Telegraph", London, October 11, 1995. I just give you some extract from it:

"Welcome To The Next World"

By Dr. Michio Kaku

"...Even as scientists hail ever more accurate tests of Einstein's theory of warped space, Einstein himself knew that his theory broke down at the instance of the Big Bang. The theory had feet of clay.
Relativity was worthless, he realized, when it came to answering the most embarassing cosmic question in all of the science: "What happened before the Big Bang? Ask any cosmologist this question, and they will throw up their hands, roll their eyes, and lament: "This maybe forever beyond the reach of science. We just don't know...
There are two dominant religious mythologies. According to Judaeo-Christian beLIEf, the universe had a definite beginning. This is the Genesis hypothesis, in which the universe was hatched from a Cosmic Egg. However, according to the Hindu-Buddist belief in Nirvana, the universe is timeless; it never had a beginning, nor will it have an end...
However, I can calculate the probability that one day you might be walking down the street, only to fall into a hole in space and enter a Parallel Universe...

(Jewish belief is based on the Planetary Game with Time and Space conditions, but as soon as you get out of the Game to a higher density and lose your physical body, Time and Space will be over and you will see that Hindu-Buddist belief will be working. You will know that there was no Big Bang, because our Universe is timeless and never had a beginning or an end. Beginning and End applies only to restrictive and artificial Time and Space conditions. If there is such a thing like 'big bang', then that could, probably, be applied only to a physical universe. Robert Monroe was writing in his last book that there wasn't Big Bang, but the energy in a form of M-Field was always transmitting from the Emitter, LM). 

Dr. Michio Kaku is a professor of theoretical physics at the City University of New York and author of "Hyperspace: a Scientific Odyssey through the 10th Dimension". 

Part 10

In year 2000 I remember a strange incident which happened after I visited city's Local and Federal Government (MP's) and Police Headquaters with a lot of materials on NWO and alien activities in Bundaberg, Queensland. After talking to Federal MP, a female and showing her my materials (with the website on sale of human meat) I was surprised again to see her squeezed by fear! Why? I only asked her one question: "What are you going to do about this?!" I was still so ignorant:
I didn't know then that she was a Reptilian. I visited everyone I could and got no results. A few days later another strange incident in the centre of the city near were we live. A policeman stopped us and asked the dates of our birthdays (I was with my husband). When we told him, he became so frightened and ran away. George ran after him to ask him why he needed our full dates of birth, but couldn't reach him. I'm still puzzled.

Later in 2003 I had another real sign of Synchronicity. 'Accidentally' I found a book of Carloc Castaneda "The Art Of Dreaming" which was bought years ago and I never was interested in it before. Reading it got me out of the Spiritual cul-de-sac I was in. Just after a few pages I became hooked on Castaneda. Read all his books in English twice and in Russian later. All the thoughts I've written so far are the thoughts I had at the time, but they obviously changed: I became wiser.
In 2003 my new passion became books of Carlos Castaneda. I found a lot of wisdom and fun reading them, the only thing I couldn't handle (it didn't match wth R.Monroe information) was the fact that most of us after death were joining an Eagle Force and only powerful sorcerers could avoid it and live on for a thousand of years or more. Most of them have been secretly serving Orion Empire to this day. I learned mavelous things from those books, about female role in the Sorcerer's world (though still thoroughly covered), but not much about the origin of the Eagle Force.
It is still a very obsecure subject, but knowing how popular an image of Eagle is with secret societies, I later connected the dots. Usually, when it is a secret, it smells negative: service to self; humans would be used for greed and power of selected groups of humans and negative aliens. But even this way and with great difficulty Balance can be spread. Later I found more hidden defects with C.Castaneda's books. I also noticed that there was no picture of this writer in any of his books: someone was interested in hiding his true personality.

I didn't know then, that books of Castaneda would make me to start writing newsletters to Tensegrity practitioners all over the World. In 2004 I joined Cleargreen organization based on the teachings of Carlos Castaneda (the main, tiny centre is in Los-Angeles). The branches of it are in every major city and it's spreading like cancer all over the Earth. Many things I've learnt from these books were very useful to me at that point of my development (like Recapitulation). I liked the books a lot, but coudln't understand the contradictions with other books I was reading. Castaneda was kind of separate from everyone else. His books were not connecting (at least I couldn't connect them), not adding to the mutial common flow of other books I read. That what I thought then, but later I could connect them to the knowledge of other books.
I've never read about 'Flyers', 'Assembledge point', 'Eagle Force' anywhere else. But don't claim to read all the literature in the world.
I was doing magical passes and recapitulation a lot and felt great! I wanted to meet other practitioners all over the Globe.

Los Angeles workshop (first one), February , 2004

In February 2004 I arrived to Los Angeles to participate in Tensegrity workshop for the first time and, of course, I was very excited. There is worldwide Cleargreen organization supposedly based on C.Castaneda books and ideology and their workshops are called Tensegrity workshops.
The hotel, where I stayed was a 10 min. walk to the ultra - modern Conventional Centre near Disney World (cluster of negative places) in Anaheim
area (sounds very Jewish), where Tensegrity seminar was suppose to take place. I was puzzled, why the seminar was organized in the most negative city area, instead of somewhere outside city, in the country , like where usually Don Juan's apprentices inc. Carlos would practice Magical Passes? The morning of the seminar arrived and to my horror I couldn't get up from bed. Extremely low frequencies of electromagnetic stream of rays nailed me to the bed making me very sick. Someone obviously did not like the idea of me going to the Seminar and I knew that Negative forces use all kind of weapon and powerful mind - controling techniques to badly affect or kill people at a distance.The thought of coming from Australia specially to attend this seminar and fail, because of these fucking Rays, made me very angry! I forced myself to walk to the Convention Centre where a Congress devoted to babies took place the same day only on another floor. I was astonished to see hundreds of young females pushing prams with babies through the main entrance of the Convention Centre to participate in that Show! Finally I got where I wanted: big Hall, where the workshop was about to take place. Through an incredible pain, I started Magical passes with the crowd of practitioners. And only in the crowd I felt a relief from excruciating pain. It was probably diffcult for the Negatives to expose me to the Rays while moving in the crowd. Next shock I got after a couple of lousy speeches female and male instructors gave to the pactitioners, which had no value in Castaneda's books and the most important issues were simply avoided! We were doing floor magical passes, which have never been mentioned by Castaneda in his books or in the book "Magical Passes", supposedly based on Castaneda's passes, but printed after his death.
I disliked lying on my back with open legs for 20 min.,(reminded me sex, abductions and abortions). That gave the opportunity for the instructors to choose the most spiritually gifted girls and guys from the participants for their agenda (and for Low Astrals to have intercourse with you while you were in this position ). "This is the most vulnerable position for a warrior " I thought and got up, then found a chair and started observing the whole 'show'. At the interval I told the instructors about my disappointment with the seminar and a desire to ask the instructor 3 questions at the questions time. Then one instructor said to the other: " Oh, you wouldn't get rid of this one!"
They 'agreed' to give me this opportunity, but took all the microphones and speakers out just before the questions time started. Without a microphone noone could hear me (all the walls and the floors were carpeted).They also moved all 3 groups away from me, obviously scared of my questions. I was devastated and did not press any further, everything was clear to me: Cleargreen as organization was cheating naive practitioners. They were not there to propagate noble ideas of Carlos Castaneda, they had more sinister agenda (I thought then).
 There were other things I noticed there which only confirmed my realization that I was such a fool to beLIEve in Cleargreen. But I still trust most of C.Castaneda's ideas.
I was very confused, but later, the same year I would attend other 2 Tensegrity Seminars in the same year 2004, to make sure, that my first impression was correct.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
Amsterdam workshop, August, 2004

In Jew- lie  2004 my husband and I went to Jew-pan and then to Holland, Jew-many, France, Bel-jew-m, Switzerland.
In Hamster-dump (Amsterdam) we had a Tensegrity workshop, met a few Ass-tralians there. It was pretty boring again.
The same 'witless' exercise ('witness' exercise), Lightsiders stuff, meant to share your thoughts, dreams and experiences with a stranger who was next to you.
"What if this person was an informant who was working for Cleargreen?" I thought and felt a lot of negativity generated in the Hall. It was clear to me: negative Orion Empire got their hands into that organization too, and not just Cleargreen, but all Martial Arts organizations all over the Globe; it's enough just to look at their symbols (a snake). I didn't play that game, so
I was mostly observing.
Another favorite activity of Cleargreen 'instructors' was to advise their members to write to them about their spiritual achievements, dreams, thoughts, impressions of workshops and actions of the instructors. Reminds me confessions in a church and promotion of informers. I saw that as another trap.
"That's exactly what Reptilians want: to keep an eye and to tighten sequrity screws on you even more" I thought and gave the instructors a letter of my impressions of Los Angeles' workshop, I'd prepared for "Cleargreen" .
I really didn't give a shit and described the shock I had when I saw how far all those beautiful, noble ideas from the books of Castaneda deviate from the reality of workshops. The whole workshop was a real Spectacle!
I looked at the 'instructors': that was a joke! This time they were not the same ones; they looked pathetic: one of them was a overweight Jewish guy (most likely from Hollywood), who could hardly move the body, but nevertheless was trying to teach us Magical Passes, which he hardly knew. Another 'instructor' looked like a very old female, whose energy was failing! Then these 'instructors' gave us 'a Jewish musical performance'.
What is surprising to me now that they showed a sequence of Passes of 'mixing female and male energies'
(2 different genders) together, but at that time I had no desire to mix my energy with someone else's inc. my husband's. I felt like I was playing some role in a theatre. Everything felt shitty, I felt out of place.
After Amster-damn Tensegrity workshop, in August, George and I visited a few countries in Europe, the last was Switzerland. We were flying out of Zoo-rich airport where I filmed a huge photo (3m long by 2m wide) of a face of a pretty European girl who had eyes with Vertical Slits like a snake or a crocodile or some cats. This photo was hanging on the wall , where hundreds of people could see it !
It was for the first time that I saw such a thing in public (we still have the video). Nobody paid any attention, except George: he made a hissy fit that I videotaped it! It made me wonder about popular show "Cats" , who is really on the stage? In this reality aliens are using black glasses to cover their vertical slits, but in the movie "They live" humans were using dark glasses to see aliens mixed with a crowd of humans. Later I've read in "Dulce Papers" that such glasses could be bought for $ 2000, but I didn't know where to buy. "Fashion to wear dark glasses and vertical slit contact lenses was created by negatives to confuse us even more" I thought. "Secret Societies' members wouldn,t hang this picture in the airport for nothing" I assumed. It looked like a signal for exposing themselves: time was pressing them too.

I knew that all this time exchanging Earth humans for hybrids with more Reptilian genetics was taking place.
I was thinking: " Struggle of our Universe against Itself is not expressed just in a form of planets or races or worlds fighting against each other, but for us this struggle was concentrated on Earth, where It started from Nature of Earth, then countries, organizations, people in the same country, neighbours, members of the family, even in our own body there was an opposition: foregn installations, genetic commands and michrochips were opposing our true mind, right side was opposing our left side of the body and our left hemisphere of the brain was opposing our right hemisphere. Creative abilities are the result of the struggle with opposition. Creative abilities come from experiencing a lot of pain: physical and emotional".
At least that I knew from personal experience. I was staggered when I learnt that we were not just fighting the implanted , parasitised, chemically, radioactively and electromagnetically poluted, mind-controlled physical bodies. But also the negative effects coming from other bodies around the physical (etheric, emotional, mental, astral, celestial etc.) full of holographic inserts in the most important major and minor centres. And our Spirit was still winning!

As soon as we came back to Ass-tralia , we joined Oztec and I've written a few Newsletters to members of Oztec, the Australian branch of  "Cleargreen"), in 2004. I was choosing a rocky road. I needed to use Internet, but before that I had no interest in Internet. In these Newsletters I was describing the knowledge I got and experience I gained. That was the only way to find someone on the same wavelength. It didn't make Moderators very happy but I still got some response. I had to do it even though George was against it. But for me that was another experience preparing me for my own future website, a way to express myself and get out of cul-de-sac I put myself in by marriage to an alien. After a couple of months the Moderators disconnected me from Oztec website.
Moscow workshop,  November 2004

My last Tensegrity workshop took place on 7th and 8th November, 2004 (surprisingly on the days of the Revolution of 1917, a negative day and an old 'holiday' , when everything's closed). These workshops have been very popular with Russians. C.Castaneda books are translated into Russian and Italian by computer and have a lot of twisting of ideas (but Monroe books have been only computer-translated into Russian with the same faults).
They have been using trained Russian females as Instructors under a supervision of an American female, whom everyone was wor-sheeping. And again a sense of enourmous boredom as soon as they started the same 'Witless excise', their not very inspiring lectures and Passes. What I described was my own opinion, because I had high expectations from those workshops; others might have different opinion about the same workshop: all depends how evolved you are.
After meeting a few proclaimed young Russian wonna be 'sorcerers' and talking to them I
started thinking:
"How naive all these youngsters are, they remind me sheep!" And later:" Was the feeling of boredom manufectured artificially, just to make me to leave that place earlier or was plain boring for me?"
I was amazed, how Reptilians could very cleverly hide their agenda behind wonderful ideas  . The stuff members of Cleargreen (like any government) are using beautiful words like Freedom, Love , Equality and some words from "Matrix 5" in their emails to the members to attract people familiar with wording of "Matrix 5" !
I was wondering: "How many true human members were among wonna be 'warriors' of Cleargreen organization? There was around a thousand on the mailing list around the World. Inspite of my frank letter, I've been still getting Cleargreen's  newsletters with invitations for workshops with names like: "Sister Moon, Brother Sun" or " Predator's Eye " (read Death star) and all the bullshit which came with it .

I remember a powerful Deja vu in Switzerland in summer of 2004 . George and I went to see one of the highest peaks of Alps, Materhorn, which we've never seen before (not too far from Interlaken). We got to the highest level of that mountain by the lift and got out to see the view, then when we queued to get inside of the building the memory of that place hit me.
I knew that I've been here before !!! This mountain and all their High Tech set up: lifts, buildings, chairlifts etc. felt very alien.
I found the same with Australian Snowy mountains' ski resorts like Thredbo, Jinderbine, Blue Cow etc. The energy was so bad that instead of 3 days of skiing we managed only half a day the last time we were there. No wonder: Canberra, the capital of Australia is a part of Snowy Mountains. That made me think:"Are all famous ski resorts have alien bases underneath and modernised skiing is just a bait to attract more humans to that place?"
2 years later, in the summer I went to Russia and apart from visiting Moscow, a female friend and I went to Russian's favorite desination: Sochi and Adler on Black Sea fro a couple of weeks. Then I went by myself to the local Caucasus mountains to see the lake and the famous and very modern ski resort "Krasnaya Polyana". After spending a few hours in the forest around the ski resort I found a couple of similar strange places, set ups: tents, some tourists equipment, many faded clothes/shoes and other belongings, covered with dust and no people around, as if they were abducted or rushed from the place, hurriedly leaving everything behind. This place had/has a Portal to other dimensions. There are many Portals in Caucasus Mountains and where you see military actions are taking place, there you will find them: Kosovo, Afganistan, Chechya, South Osetia, Iraq, Israel, Palestina to name a few.
Now I know why Sochi was chosen for 'Winter Olympics' in 2014. I doubt that there will be any 'Olympics', because we are getting close to 2012. This is just an excuse for the Russian KGB/FSB government to reinforce, to modernise the part of the Caucasus mountains around Sochi move masses of people to different densities/dimensions/worlds.

Coming back to the 3rd workshop, which I visited by myself.

Year later on my other trip to Moscow in Jew-lie 2005 I stopped in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for a 3 days. At Dubai's airport the true Syncronicity took place: while standing in a queue I had a brief encounter with a young Indian guy. We exchanged our email addresses, his email address consisted of a name and 999. Later I realized that he had connection to my cluster!  
All the trips to Russia in recent years showed me big changes of life in former Soviet Union, like cities as Moscow,  Sochi, Petersburg, Murmansk, Caucasus mountains and Black Sea, cities of Volga river.
George came to Moscow in September to join me for William Buhlman's workshop in USA , for which we paid in advance. From Moscow we went to Amster-damn, Holland. At Moscow airport's check point 3  females wanted to confiscate our Takyon Capsules on our necks. I asked for a superviser. The superviser came and asked me about the purpose of Takyon Capsule. I had to tell him that it was a 'Masonic Symbol' and he let us keep them (he, probably, was a Russian mason) and we got through with them.
In Amster-dump's negatives created a lot of problems for us. Then we went to New York and for the first time I had my eyes scanned and my fingerprints taken (apart from usual body and luggage scan). I felt Draconian World Order there more than anywhere else.

I love New York and felt at home there: it gave me a lot of hidden memories of the places, especially Greenwich village and Brooklin. I noticed that whenever Reptilans don't want me to see something on my travels they would attack my bladder, so I would be running like mad looking for a toilet. That happened in Central Parks of New York, Paris, London, Brussel, Moscow, in cities of Jew-many and Switzerland. While in New York we got a message of Buhlman's Workshop cancelation (10 days before the actual workshop)! We were shocked because we'd arranged everything and came to USA specially for that reason. Why? I was suspicious again: someone again didn't want me to see what that workshop was all about or maybe because I was with George? Me and George read Buhlman's books twice and were eager to learn practically how to Astral travel. The organizers of the workshop, in their emails were using 'God bless you' sometimes, which made me suspicious, if it was not some religious workshop, without William Buhlman. He kind of disappeared first to China, then Australia and where is he now I don't know.
After a week in New York we went to Chicago by bus overnight, as been planned, from the Central Bus Station in New York. The bus was packed. A Negro busdriver was implementing Martial Law right on the spot, in the bus, by giving all of us an aggressive and lengthy speech what we must and mustn't do (the demonstration was, probably, because I was there). That was new to me and I thought: "Do all American bus drivers act like that these days?" What was refreshing though , that a group of Negroes was sitting at the back making fun of the busdrive, kind of counteracting the atmosphere which had been created. Every his word and gesture was comically copied by negro - passengers and a constant laughter was so pleasing to my ears. And I thought: "It's so nice to know that not everyone in USA lost their sense of humour!" 
Upon our arrival to Chicago we hired a car and went for a week of exploration of lake Michigan area, while at it. From Chicago we flew to Minniapolis and hired a car again to explore the city and the countryside. We visited very masonic touristy place "House - on - the Rock". It felt like a place of human sacrifices with 'Infinity room' being an altar. The Negative energy of that place was overwhelming. It was mainly underground: many rooms and big halls, stuffed with all kind of material posessions.

800 km of countryside looked almost lifeless. It reminded me Australia: forests , hills , roads , houses with almost no people.

Part 11

Our next flght was to Vancouver, Canada. In Minniapolis airport I had my main event (October, 2005, I'm 58), that happened like a powerful dream. The negativity of airports in USA is tremendous. After checking in our luggage, George and I went to another hall for our body and personal luggage examination. While standing in the queue a policeman came to us:               "You've been randomly selected" he told us and pointed to a separate room with a separate group of security personel, x-ray machine and a metal gate we were suppose to go through. I had a bad feeling that something was cooking up, that didn't surprised me after a few attacks we'd experienced in Malasia, Russia, Holland, New York and Chicago). Negative Aliens and those who are helping them definately didn't want me to travel.
We were asked to take the shoes and coats off and I thought: "Next time we would have to go naked through that fucking gate!" Our personal luggage (camera, wallets etc. ) went through x-ray machine. Then I noticed that one of the personel was smearing some jelly on the wallets and handles of bags and camera (like in Heathrow airport 3 years ago). I told George to pay attention on it a few times and then asked the guy to stop it. That created a scandal. I told a bunch of security personel that they were helping Reptilians in creating Martial Law on the whole planet and other things. They called the police, who turned up in no time, probably monitoring me all this time from some place else.
We were saying that we didn't like an unknown substance to be put in our shoes and smeared all over our personal things. I wondered what it was. A negro policeman (Reptilian) looked at my picture in my passport and asked my name. Silly question demands a silly answer: he knew very well who I was, he had my name written and my picture in front of him and my full life-story on his computer, before he stoped me.
"Uncle Sam" I said. He had a hissy fit and I was accompanied by 3 policemen in hand - cuffs, bearfeet through the whole airport. While walking I was telling them what I really thought about Orion Empire (usually emotions make me to say what I think and I don't give a shit about the consequences) and that I had lived my life and I was not afraid of death and that they could kill me any time. I knew too much about life after death and was ready to vacate for a long time. Deep inside I hoped that they would do it to finish my torments. I felt like I was cheating my Total Self.

"We are not going to kill you !" one of them said. That stopped me, I couldn't believe it and started laughing. I understood the Game, they were playing with me: the intimidation again. I wasn't a very good advertisement for them though. Imagine an old overweight woman, bearfeet, but nicely dressed in shackles laughing her lungs out all the way through the airport where hundreds of people have been watching her. I was asked if I used drugs to make me laugh. I said I didn't and as a my own doctor advised them to take nothing but water. I was locked in a small room with the small window in the door, where I was doing my feet execises and a bit off singing, not to get bored. You can't even die when you want it. Sometime later the door opened and a cautious policeman asked me a strange question: "I know how uncomfortable it feels in handcuffs. If I take them off would you behave?"
I thought: " Why was he so kind?" and said: "I always behave".
When he took off my handcuffs I noticed FEAR in his eyes and again I was puzzled: "Fear of me ?! Why? I have no fear of him and no gun?" I had a feeling that I was in another Timeline, another World.
Policemen could definetely read my thoughts. He asked me to turn around and put my hands on the wall. I thought that was a good position for push ups. I think he used taser, because when I woke up worried George turned up with the Negro policeman up appologizing that I had a sleepless night and that was the reason for my behaviour. I told them that I had a very good sleep. Then 3 policemen took us to the Departure Gate another way and shook George's hand (like they were friends). That seemed strange, like everything was staged. We were taken to the plane and flew to Canada.
I remembered R.Monroe. This was a very good example for me of Higher Self intervention!
We hired
campervan in Canada and travelled in USA and Canada, then we went to Hawaii and home to Ass-tralia.
On my travels I've seen a lot of graffity in major cities of USA, Europe, Russia and Australia. I feel that major events/changes are written not only in crop circles, but also in Graffity for those who understands the language .
End of 2005 and beginning of 2006 .
"Think and do is the operating productive combination, either mentally or physically, in one or more energy systems. Inhibit , restrain or block the flow of any such energy and it ceases to exist ". These words of Robert Monroe made me to start again writing Newsletters for the members of Cleargreen in 2005, this time: to hundreds of people in different countries, all over the Globe in Russian and in English , because I thought that this bunch of people was the most prepared for this kind of writing. I hoped that my emails would get only to those who needs them (their Total Selves would see to it). I was writing my thoughts about things I've read in my materials and experienced in life"Search till you merge with your Total Self" was my motto. George was against as usual.
Robert Morningsky talked about Castaneda on one of the videos made after his workshop in Sydney in 90's (I've got them)
After reading M 5 Golden edition , vol. 1 in 2004 I watched that video again and I couldn't believe it! Robert Moaning-Sky
(half Hopi, half Appachi) was talking a lot about females, saying that they should become leaders! He was a genuine speaker. According to him, Hopi Indians always had Matriarchat and males needed to combine male and female energies by doing all housechores and upbringing children. I had totally different views about Hopi Indians before. I've read some of his materials on Internet and later posted them on my website.

Then I got my personal email address and things improved: I was becoming more and more independent from my husband till I, finally, divorced him. I met a few interesting people through Internet. 
Physically through the life I wasn't lonely, but spiritually I've been lonely for all my life.
I also met a few crossed-eyed people in my life and I found them alien from what they were saying to me. Meetings with them were always unexpected and I felt uncomfortable and disoriented. It seems logical to hide your eyes this way to make you confuse, though there are normal humans among them: this variety of experiences is valid for our Total Selves.
Arizona Wilder, Andy Pero, Cathy O'Brien and many others admited that they were forced to be involved in negative actions like masonic rituals, sex, assasinations, helping aliens to conduct genetic atrocities etc. consciously or unconsciously, willingly or unwillingly. They accepted that. Their Total Selves allowed these things to happen to them for gaining more Balance (50% positive and 50 % negative energies). It was all good to read and accept this kind of things, but when it came to my personal life it was damn hard (Lightsider loop), but I am all right now. That I, like most of the players of this Game, was having a lot of experience as Victim and Victimizer and now I am neither: I overcame that Loop.

I've also learned that all of us were doing the same (Victim-Victimizer mode) when we were aliens before we started this Planetary Game as humans, that all Graduating Higher Selves have all nationalities (inc. Jews) in their clusters for experience. Well, after reading this I became more tolerant, but alert. I was used like Arizona Wilder, Cathy O'Brien, Cisco Wheeler, Brice Taylor, Kathrine Sullivan, Pat (from "The Mars Records" by Stephanie Relfe) and many others for sinister things the memory of which was mostly erased. And I'm glad that in 2006, after many years I've accepted that. I don't want to be 100% positive Lightsider anymore.
I learned a lot from the books of Robert Monroe and I knew that our Total Selves value unique negative and positive experiences for the Balance. That was a relief!


  Lydia in banana plantation

1) and 2) Banana plantations with me at the front in Coffs Habour, NSW; similar plantations are in Queensland and around the place and on our block were I live at present (blue plastic bags are put around the bunches of bananas to stop the birds from damaging them);
3) one of the beautiful beaches with salt-water pool for children in Central Coast near Sydney 

McManon Beach NSW

Lydia on Sydney beach   Robert with emu

Robert with puppies

4), 5) and 6) pictures of me and two of the Alters of my son Robert with an emu and our puppies


My Travelling Around Australia

In 2003 all 3 of us (myself, my son and my husband George)  decided to go around Australia and visit the States, which we never saw: Northern Territory, South and Western Australia. I had in mind to meet more Aborigines and wild life. We flew to Alice Spring, the capital of Northern Territory and the place of the famous Pine Gap international facility, apart from the base there is also a jail there. We hired a car to visit well known Ayers Rock and Olgas and discovered that there is another, similar and even bigger Rock a few km away from Ayers Rock. It has another name, which I forgot. And I still don't know the origins of that structure (Ayers Rock), only know that if it is a 'Sacred' with Aborigines place, it smells alien and has a peculiar, unpleasant energy.
It was really strange to see an elaborate smogasboard in the resort's restaurant a few km away from Ayers Rock in the middle of nowhere. How all that food was getting there if we didn't see planes or delivery trucks? Most likely it was done by the underground Maglev trains (Magnetic Levitation), which are criss-crossing all the continents underground and under oceans with the speed of 10000km per hour.
We tried to visit Pine Gap, but there was a forbidding sign on the road leading there (we were not invited). It was also forbidden to take pictures of Aborigines and we couldn't understand why. I suspect that there are a lot of clones and minions among them (minions are humans with animal soul)
. We were harassed by a group of aborigines females, who were fighting with each other in the centre of Alice Spring next to their Council as if the michrochips in their brains were triggered as soon as we turned up there. The whole place was very hot and very Reptilian and I feel it was in one of Parallel Earths.
You can go on a highway for hours and see only a couple of roadhouses with almost no cars and signs like this:

Ayers Rock  phone sign  
frilled lizard     

Aboriginis    thorny devil
Australian Aboriginies, Frilled Lizard, Thorny Devil and Ayer's Rock
Then we flew to Adelaida, the capital of South Australia, where we again hired a car and visited the coastline and outback. It is very flat and has numerous seawater evaporating fields and I thought that the salt from these fields would be enough for more that one Earth, where does it go (probably supplying some of the Parallel Earths)? I found South Australia much more picturesque than the part of Northern Territory we visited. We found lots of people with caravans, travelling around Australia all year round (going from one Universe to another one without noticing anything), because of warm climate and lack of snow, unless in the mountains of Victoria/NSW/Tasmania in winter. We visited a few nice places there in winter time of July (it is too hot for the rest of the year), but the most enjoyable was Western Australia. We flew again to beautiful Perth, the capital of Western Australia, visited Fremantle and hired a big and comfortable Campervan, which was driven by George for the first time and quite successfully. George has never stopped surprising me with his abilities to be able to do so many different things and often teach me to do them.
We visited so many beautiful places of Western Australia like: the picturesque coastline of Southern and Indian Oceans - Albany, Denmark, Monkey Mia... 

our boat   Burnett river, Queensland
                         George is near our boat in Bundaberg Region                 Beautiful Burnett River in our region

Monkey Mia

Dolphins on Youtube in Monkey Mia

To be continued on other links

Part 12

About  my connection to "Matrix5"

I've written somewhere that I didn't follow any guru in my life, but now I would say that in a way I did follow "Matrix 5" author and Val Valerian's website for a few years, till that shamanic spell was broken, but a huge blow to me had to happen in order to be released. I finally understood, that I didn't have to follow anybody. I needed to be myself: the last loop was broken!
I've posted a lot of material on this subject under "Hidden Faults of Matrix 5" on a few links of this website:  My Thoughts, My Insights; Psychology of Multiple Personality 'Disorder';  More Truths about Women;  "Matrix 5" Book Analysis;

Living on different timelines simultaneously is not easy and makes you a bit confused sometimes in terms of timing.
I don't quite remember now, but I feel that the first (blue) edition of "Matrix 5", edited by Val Valerian, I read at the end of 2003-beginning of 2004. Half of that book was George Green's "Handbook for the New Paradigm". It made some impression on me, but for some reason I quickly forgot about it. A year later I bought from Val the first volume of the new Golden edition of "Matrix 5" and found some interesting facts and some biased bullshit in it. I wrote a letter to Val about my impressions,  but he rejected it, like many other letters sent by females.
 Because the book was edited by Val Valerian, whom I trusted (I bought all his Matrix books), I started doubting my own judgement:  I got under the influence of these 2 men: the author of "Matrix 5" and Val Valerian and bought another 2 volumes. My personal views on life started changing drastically under the influence of these books. I became rougher to the females and to males in my own family. My ego inflated and I started thinking that I was above the others (one of those 'Chosen ones'), because I know much more than others. I tried to imitate the "Matrix 5's"author rude language and behaviour. I even persuaded others to read Val's website and buy "Matrix" books. Under that shamanic spell I stopped thinking independently and joined the group of "Matrix 5" followers. Though the author was constantly saying that he was not a guru, but he behaved like one and still does: he can't live without attention,
without his followers, power over others (the ultimate aphrodisiac). He needs, to change into a more balanced individual.
After divorcing my husband (though I still love him) I decided to move to another State (Victoria) and which turned out to be in Bendigo: one of the cities of that state. I rented a run down house in the outskirts of the city, because I didn't have much money left, and thought I would start a new life away from radioactively polluted part of the Coast I lived in. I wanted to be independent.
George and I took our cars with small trailers, packed with my stuff and moved it from Queensland to Victoria (3000 km)  in December 2007. On the way, through the outback of Australia, we encountered an unusually powerful thunderstorm with pouring rain and cyclonic wind, but eventually we got through. Then I didn't know that that was a warning for me,
but we still persisted.
The Controllers didn't like my decision to change the place and live alone. They would arranged things the way that I would eventually give up and return to that anomaly place on the coast of Queensland, where I lived before. Even that place was not an accident: I was driven to that place, because of my desire to live in anomaly place and that was what I got and now I couldn't change anything. My son and I have been too valuable assets in terms of time-travel, living simultaneously in different worlds and having so many different human and non-human personalities; the anomaly place helped to achieve it. There are many anomaly places on Earth, where the Time Fabric is broken and I named a few on this website on different links. There is also a lot of material written about anomaly places where people and objects disappear to Parallel Universes, Alternative Realities/Worlds, different Timelines.

Bushfires like 'atomic bombs'


Thursday, May 21, 2009 02:22pm

Devastating February bushfires that killed 173 people generated enough energy to fuel 1,500 atomic bombs, the bushfires royal commission has been told.
Bushfire behaviour analyst Dr Kevin Tolhurst told the commission the fires were like '1500 atomic bombs the size of Hiroshima'.
'It's an enormous amount of energy,' he said.
Dr Tolhurst estimated the fire moved at a speed of about 120km/h, which was about the same speed estimated on Ash Wednesday.
In some areas, the blaze spotted 35km ahead of the main fire.
Dr Tolhurst said it was important to evaluate a fire on a three dimensional level, taking into account not just surface winds but upper winds created by the plume of smoke above a fire.
He showed the commission photos of trees that had been snapped off about three to four metres above ground level in the February 7 Black Saturday bushfires by these types of winds.
'You would have needed winds of 120km/h or more to produce that,' he said.
The commission also viewed graphic footage of the Black Saturday bushfires captured by cameras at four locations around Victoria.
The cameras were controlled from Melbourne and in particular captured the Murrindindi blaze that obliterated Marysville.
The hearing continues.

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